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  • Charlotte Thrussell

    Costume Assistant

    Hello, for this year of university I need to have work experience and was just wondering what was the best way of getting it. I've tried emailing theatres and got no response. I'm in desperate need of a panto to work on. Either close by or someone that would pay for travel. Thanks Charlotte

    • 13th Nov 2014
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  • User Deleted

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    Try sending letters in the post, some theatres don't respond to any requests for volunnteer work unless it's postal.

    • 10th Nov 2014
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  • Chloe Bennett

    Assistant Stage Manager

    Do volunteer work with Amdram productions and get some experience, they still perform in professional theatres and use professional equipment and tech, theatres won't employ you unless you have at least some kind of work in a theatre, they can't trust that you can work in that environment without it.

    • 11th Nov 2014
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  • Paul Thomas

    Stage Manager

    hi Charlotte

    You don't say where 'close by' is for you but it seems most theatres do pantos at Christmas so there should be something close to you. Pantos usually have lots of costumes which are probably hired and may need adapting and will certainly need repairing during the run. I bet there is a costume designer or stage manager some where who would be delighted to friendly, able person to help with this. A message to the generic theatre address might not get through to the right person, so you probably need to find the name of a person on the production and then email/phone or even go to see them in person. You will need to be persistent! Let them know what skills you have and what you can do.

    All the best with it, Paul

    • 13th Nov 2014
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