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  • Mason Walter Cooper

    Assistant Stage Manager

    Hi Everyone,

    So like many before me, I have just graduated from University studying Drama at Canterbury Christ Church University, specialising in Stage Management.

    Throughout my time studying, I was very fortunate to be offered a Stage Management internship working on a touring production with the European Arts Company, Merlin Holland and Peter Craze (a very rare opportunity it would seem). Whilst working on this production, the show received a West End Transfer to which I also worked on. I was then very fortunate to be invited back to work with the company again on the 125th Anniversary production of The Picture of Dorian Gray which also received a West End Transfer. I learnt so much from these productions and was very fortunate to be given the opportunity.

    My issue now is, I have graduated from university and am trying to find an Assistant Stage Managers position. I really need a stable paid position as I have bills and rent to pay, but all the jobs I have applied to on here have all come back unsuccessful due to lack of experience or due to the fact I did not graduate from one of the conservatoire of drama schools.

    I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me regarding where to look for Stage Management positions or options I may be able to pursue. Volunteering seems to be out of the window for me as I need a paid position but unsure how to progress. Any advice would be gratefully received.

    I hope to hear from you lovely people soon


    • 28th Jul 2016
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  • Catherine Swan


    Hello Mason, I'm assuming that you're aware of The Stage newspaper (available in print and digital formats), which carries industry jobs and has done for many a long year.

    The other reliable source of Stage Management work is via the SMA Freelist - you'll have to join the SMA, of course, but if you intend to pursue a career in Stage Management then you really should anyway. I'm pretty sure they have a special rate for new Graduates. Former colleagues of mine have found the Freelist an excellent way to build a repuation in the early stages of a career and your reputation will then carry you forward.

    Good luck with your search :^)

    • 28th Jul 2016
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