Skill Sets

  • John Johnson

    Engineer, Audio

    Share links to your portfolio. Feel free to mingle ask questions. Let us know what school you’ve graduated from. This should be a friendly space to network and gain expose

    • 5 days ago
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  • Dmitrii Miachin


    Thank you for your thoughts John. I have Masters Degree in Law, which helps when Supervising Music and Sound but doesn't when you are a Composer, people kinda afraid you understand such things better then them.

    • 30th Dec 2020
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  • Mark Diamond



    I wouldn’t be ashamed to speak of your law experience.

    I am a Forensic Psychiatrist and also am a Singer/Songwriter.

    I can do legal research, work with attorneys all the time, go to court, etc. I may end up taking an internship in Entertainment Law as a way to better understand the music/film/tv industry.



    • 31st Dec 2020
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  • Brian McShane


    "Brian's songs combine the emotive storytelling of the pop singer/songwriter, the disciplined musicianship of the Motown session player and an unmistakeable voice tying it all together. His sound and craft have been compared to that of Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Ben Harper and James Taylor. Before making Oakland home, he was a member of the Philadelphia band "Aunt Pat", who gained notoriety collaborating with masters such as the late, great Levon Helm (The Band) and Chuck Treece (McRad, Urge Overkill, Bad Brains)." -Music Now

    • 17th Feb 2021
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  • Priyanka Lalwani


    Bollywood Music Producer & Marketer.

    Quick question: What steps have you taken on Mandy to put out your skill -sets? Any advice for newbies?


    Instagram: @priyankalalwanimusic

    • 1st Mar 2021
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  • Matheus Carneiro

    Picture Editor

    I'm about to graduate from film school at Paraná State University in Brazil, and I'm looking to specialize in sound design next year at Vancouver Film School. I'm available for picture and sound editing work.

    Here's a link to my video editing reel, and my Vimeo profile has more examples of my work as well:

    • 5 days ago
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