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  • Lewis Wardell


    Hi All,

    I’ve been quite impressed by Mandy and how active it actually is. From all of the websites and sites I’ve used, this seems to be the better choice when looking for work. For me, it’s been rather difficult finding work that is consistent and in line with what I want to work in. Audio and video editing is what I want to specialise in, and I have only just recently graduated from a degree course in Filmmaking and Creative Media Production.

    I’ve tried for quite a while trying to get volunteer work editing projects, whether it be a student film, short film, small business, nothing seems to be. I do realise of course that the industry is tough and brutal, but all I’m really looking for right now is some experience and credits to show I can actually do what I say and provide evidence of it on my socials. Paid work is obviously great but I just want to keep working and learn a bit more of the craft, work with clients to get some experience down. If anyone has any advice or suggestions of where to look for these type of gigs (editing short films, student films, etc), it would be very much appreciated!



    • 19th Sep 2020
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  • Geoff Wiltshire

    Camera Operator

    Hi Lewis

    Please drop me a message, I may have something for you.... :)

    Music Video edit...


    • 19th Dec 2019
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  • User Deleted

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    I am an aspiring actor and editor who is currently looking for a job. I am currently in my final year undergraduate degree in Sociology and Social Policy. Although I have some experience acting in, directing, and editing short films for local film festivals and The Actors Workshop Nottingham, I am looking for a job in the film industry to gain some professional experience and get the opportunity to work on new challenging projects. However, I am finding it rather difficult to find a job that suits my skills or interest, and also not sure if I'm looking in the right places either but I feel like Mandy is a great spot to look for jobs.

    I want to specialize in directing and editing, and hence I'm looking for a job where I can learn more and get involved with various projects. Hence, I would be so grateful and appreciate if anyone can help me out with suggestions/ recommendations regarding where to look for such jobs!

    Thank you!

    Keerthi :)

    • 30th Dec 2019
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  • Connor Baker

    Editor (Assistant)

    Hi, I've graduated in the year of doom 2020 in Film and Television Production. I've been Film-making since I was about 5 years old. I was the kid that preferred to watch the 'making of' Toy Story when I was 3. I love storytelling, filming, editing, DOP, anything, and looking to get involved in weird wonderful projects going on out there. Take care and take Covid care everyone! Cheers Connor

    • 19th Sep 2020
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