Student Films in Manchester.

Molly Pugh

Hi Everyone!!

hope you are all okay. My name is Molly and I'm A Northern-based actor and I just thought I could create a space for students who are willing to network as I would love to find more student based projects but I only seemed to find them when I was studying myself, I also know a lot of my media and filming friends struggled to find actors and performers for short scenes for films.

this isn't just about finding work, but also about tips and tricks people have found while creating their own projects finding other collaborators while on a budget, and just networking. I would love to get to know and talk to more people who are directors, actors, producers, and editors.

My Instagram is: _Molly_Pugh

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Hi Molly,

I've just followed you I'm @coughlan_tony

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Ken Ogborn

Go to degree shows for sound and visual media degrees. Also art shows and gallery openings generally. Make yourself useful to other artists by helping them get the word out for their creativity.

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