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  • chris timms

    Artistic Director

    The remotegoat reviews team will be at Edinburgh this year.

    If you are in a show please state the name of the show, the venue, and your character/role in response to this post.

    We'll then try and ensure the remotegoat team come and review your show.



    • 30th Aug 2011
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  • Allan Scott-Douglas


    I'm performing in two Fringe shows this year;

    "Ae Fond Kiss" for Nonsense Room Productions, playing the lead role of Robert Burns in a new musical using some of Burns' best loved poems and songs to help tell the tale of his colourful life and many loves.

    (reviews at: www.edfringe.com/reviews/read.html?id=15398


    www.viewfromthestalls.co.uk/2009/08/ae-fond-kiss-edinburgh-fringe-2009.html )

    Also appearing in "King Arthur" for Siege Perilous playing the role of the manipulative Sir Breunor, who uses Arthur's illegitimate son and disenchanted brother as mouthpieces for his own politics and rungs on the ladder to his ultimate aspiration; deposing the King and replacing him as ruler.

    "Ae Fond Kiss" features fellow CCP member, Gilchrist Muir.

    "King Arthur" features fellow CCP members; Paul Crommie, Damien Hughes and Colin Healy.

    • 11th Aug 2009
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  • Gemma Salter


    I am not in a show at the Fringe, but I went to see a wonderful piece of theatre last night there, that I think could do with more publicity as it was simply marvelous!

    'The Visitor', a new play by Jack Kelly. It's at 'The Space' at The Radisson at 5pm, every day except sundays until 23rd.

    Stephen Lloyd was particularly outstanding as the young Max.

    Gemma Salter

    • 11th Aug 2009
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  • Miranda Colmans


    I am performing in 'Timeshare' at Sweet ECA Studio 1, 4.25pm daily (1 hour)


    It has had some great audience reviews on Broadway Baby (www.broadwaybaby.com) and on the Edfringe site.

    It also features CCP members: Arthur James, Robert Bradley, Adrienne-Marie Zitt, Tom Franck, Sam Child and Joseph Elliott.


    Over six million people own a timeshare

    One of them is Macbeth.

    Malcolm and Simon are both up for the same job. Judy has a secret. Vicky is married to Simon but once had a thing with Malcolm. And Duncan is coming...

    • 11th Aug 2009
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  • User Deleted

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    I am performing in Picaresque at the Sweet Venues, Victoria St at 4pm daily except for Aug 17th. A ramshackle comedy adventure through 12 countries....


    Just had our first review - 4*!

    • 11th Aug 2009
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  • Kelly Bibb


    I'm performing in 'So How Was Your Day?' at The Grape, 12-13 St Andrew Square daily at 4.30pm from 17th August-29th August.

    'So How Was Your Day?' - Three women, three monologues, three experiences, one day. Hear them pondering life, love and microwave dinners.

    "Funny and moving in equal measure"

    • 11th Aug 2009
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  • Lee Ravitz


    Picaresque is definitely a fun show - I was cast in it by the very talented writer and producer, but had to turn the gig down in the end as it clashed with some work being generated independently by my agent. But I was allowed to read the script, and know that its combination of good jokes, surreal situations and ridiculous characters is just the thing that will cheer anyone up on a tired Edinburgh morning.

    If you are interested in fringe stand-up recommendations, I'd like to name check my good friends Paul Sweeney (who is orchestrating the eponymous 'Paul Sweeney and his Imaginary Friends') at the City Cafe for another week, and Jessica Fostekew and Dan Thompson in 'Pecker and Foof Save the World' at the Dragonfly. True, Remotegoat priority, I assume, is stage plays, but it doesn't hurt to mention these things, does it?

    • 11th Aug 2009
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  • User Deleted

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    I am performing as The Cat in Honk! at the George Square Theatre.

    So far we have had some amazing reviews!

    • 12th Aug 2009
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  • Jessica Stanley


    I'm performing as Masha in Metra Theatre's '3 Sisters', a refreshing adaptation of the Chekhov classic, set onboard the Re-Union Canal boat moored at Edinburgh Quay.

    14th-23rd August

    1pm, 2.30pm, 4pm, 5.30pm

    Re-Union (Venue 140), Edinburgh Quay


    "...A unique and fascinating experience...the three sisters as you have never seen them before, alive and contemporary they jump out of the four square walls of text Chekhov gave them and give the characters warmth, vulnerability and new life." - Skye Crawford, Fringe Review, November 2008.

    • 12th Aug 2009
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  • Rachel Manchester


    I will be performing in Fairytaleheart by Philip Ridley at the Space@Jury's Inn from 17th - 22nd August 3.10pm. Running time 45 mins. As a brand new graduate from GSA I would appreciate as much support from CCP members as possible.

    • 15th Aug 2009
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  • Rachel Manchester


    Sorry I forgot to say I will be playing Kirsty.

    Set in the East End of London, Ridley's charming piece focuses on two fifteen-year-olds who confront their loneliness by exploring the language of theatre in a derelict community centre. A magical teen tale for all.

    £7 (£5 concession)

    • 15th Aug 2009
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  • Annabel Pemberton


    I am performing as Ava in After Circles at Unberbelly until 30 August at 12.35pm.

    • 17th Aug 2009
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  • Christopher Tester


    Opened on the 16th and already two 4* reviews. If you're up for seeing anything a ` bit 'difficult' then sign yourself up!

    C xx

    • 17th Aug 2009
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  • Laura Pradelska


    I am playing Mrs.X in Strindberg's "The stronger" at the space on the mile @ Jury's inn (venue 260) August 7-29 (not Sundays) at 5:10 p.m.

    • 18th Aug 2009
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  • User Deleted

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    I am performing in 'Auld Sangs and New Rhymes - The Life of Burns' till Saturday at St Serf's Church and Hall, 7:30PM but on Saturday only a 2:30 performance.

    I play the young Jean Armour and Anna Park and tickets and £9 (£7 cons)

    Hope someone cos come along to see it, it's a lovely little play which tells the life of Robert Burns along with his poetry, songs, being an excisemen and juggling all his woman!


    • 18th Aug 2009
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  • Mark Kempner


    REALITY CHOKES: At the Skinny

    A fab play about the punk movement...plenty of laughs and tears and some punk music too!

    • 18th Aug 2009
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  • Christopher Tester


    I'll try this again by actually naming my show:

    Diary of a Madman

    On at 1.25pm daily at the Underbelly, Big Belly

    "I love going to the theatre. As long as I've a kopeck in my pocket you can't stop me."







    and two little dogs writing each other letters.

    Axenty Ivanovich, a Russian titular councillor, finds he can no longer exist as a mere civil servant in St Petersburg. His failure to write begins a transformational journey that will take him either to the Spanish court or to a brutal asylum.

    Performed alone on an intricate set in a continuous flow of action, this one-man show challenges the spectator to see Axenty within themselves. Using methods central to the company's practice, this production tells a tragicomic story through an intensely focused and detailed immediacy that defines the Fail Better aesthetic.

    This production premiered at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, London in August 2007 and was 'Best Fringe Show of 2007' for Tamara Gausi of Time Out London:

    ""Fail Better's accomplished one-man performance [featuring] ... an enchanting Chris Tester ... terse direction ... an absorbing performance ... clever lighting design ... a set [that] perfectly captures the claustrophobic mania ... a reminder that madness sits dangerously close to us all.""

    Time Out London

    All press info available to download at: www.failbetter.co.uk/press/madman/

    • 18th Aug 2009
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  • Felix Trench



    I will be performing in 'The Perils of Love and Gravity' at the Bedlam Theatre (Venue 49) 19:30 5 - 27 August, playing 'Man'.

    The blurb:

    "A quickfiring comic fairytale from the minds of Michael Keane and Christopher Brett Bailey.

    Misha lives in a triangular house drawing the world and writing to her lost mother. Frequently flummoxed by love and the descent of her house into the ground she decides to explore the world outside. The thing is - she may not find what she thinks she's looking for...

    Complete with an original live score by Phil Mann this anarchic comedy asks life's big questions: Can you ever abandon a world you've imagined? How do you get what you want? What do you do when your sinking house takes your heart with it?"

    Thank you!

    • 24th Jul 2011
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  • User Deleted

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    I'm rather excited about my trip to the Fringe this year. I've already booked up one day. Off to see Paper Tom, Vertigo, Bluebeard: A Fairytale for Adults and Frisky & Mannish. It's great to see who is doing what and where from CCP. I shall be having a look into the productions to see what else I shall go and see.

    Good luck to everyone who is performing and I hope you have a wonderful Scottish Summer ;)

    • 24th Jul 2011
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  • User Deleted

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    I am playing Miranda in The Tempest with the Theatre company I helped establish, Squeaky Door Theatre Company.


    theSpace at Niddry Street, 8th-13th August 2011, 7 pm for 1hour & 30mins, £8 ticket £6 consessions.

    We did our preview last night and it was very well recieved! So excited!!

    Becci x

    • 24th Jul 2011
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