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Hi guys,

Couple of things I would really like some help with if possible. So after being out of it for a while due to being very ill and then getting married and life generally getting in the way I've decided to start afresh.. renew everything and give things another bash. I'm still currently in a full time job which I leave at the beginning of June. My questions are these

1) can you guys have a look at my shots, vocal reel and showreel and give some feedback.

2) does anyone know of any Edinburgh fringe auditions coming up or company's that te auditioning. Not nessisarily for Edinburgh. I just need something to get my teeth into after leaving. Have been out of it for so long although have done the odd job I just need a project to work on

Currently don't have equity or spotlight but I will be getting them closer to the time of me leaving my job.



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