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Venue 82
117 Nicholson Street

Parade is based on the true story of the 1913 trial of the century. We follow the fate of Leo Frank, a Jewish Yankee, as he is put on trial for the rape & murder of a 13 year old working in his factory & the crusade of his wife, Lucille, to save him.

13 Aug - 29 Aug
12.50 pm
£12 (£9)
Director - Pia Futado

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I am going to see this next week. Has been getting great reviews on

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I am also coming to see this next week, really looking forward to it!

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Went to see Parade this week and it was amazing, congratulations to everyone involved in this production!

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Oh I love this Musical, I havent seen the whole thing but I studied the songs from it at my Singing school, I love 'All The Wasted Time'! hope that the production went well! x

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