Where to Start?

Hello everyone,

I was hoping to get involved in a play at Edinburgh Fringe this year -though I have no idea where to start or how it works.

Are there any companies/directors or specific casting that are worth contacting? And do you ever find anything on CCP for it?

Also, if you guys have any feedback positive or negative regarding your own Edinburgh experience, I'd love to hear it.

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Edinburgh is a tough experience but you inevitably grow and learn as a performer (depending on what kind of production you do) it's not just the performing everyday for a month that takes it out of you, but also the flyering and promoting on a daily basis - it's a grind! I'd say it was one of the most challenging experiences I've been through but also made me learn a lot about myself as an actor. Your best bet is to check the opportunities section on CCP regularly, things start popping up around March/April/May or earlier & later, I got cast in mine last year May. Make sure you know what you're getting yourself into - a lot of productions will cover expenses and accommodation only, and you inevitably spend a lot of money watching shows out there so it can end up costing you to be out there. Some more prestigious companies will pay you a wage too, but sometimes its fringe rates instead of standard rates - unless you're going up there as part of a young vic / soho theatre production...

I think it's one of those once in a lifetime kinda things. I'm glad I've done it, I got some good publicity from doing it, I probably won't do it again unless I'm paid properly and don't have to flyer every day!

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Excellent Advice Diana, I went up there years ago. So it has changed quite a bit since but the having to flyer and be out on the streets tempting people in has not. Good luck with landing a production. Diana basically has said all that you need to know about Edinburgh. It is great fun though.

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Very sound advice. Thank you very much for the replies.

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Thomasin, I went up a few years ago and I really loved it, there is a great vibe and people seem very open and friendly.
I came back with NO money and was totally shattered - but I saw some really inspiring pieces of work that I can still remember now!
I really want to go this year - its my aim - so thanks Diana for the advice on the casting!
Keep in touch and hopefully we'll see each other there (fingers crossed!) x

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Keith Hill

I gather that, if you produce, you need to work on the assumption that no-one will take you seriously until your 4th or 5th visit. As a pure (!)performer, on the fringe, think very carefully what you expect to achieve, and then ask round and see if you can find ANYONE else who has achieved it. I very much doubt it's worth, unless you have the time and the potential contacts to network like crazy. You will be one of ten thousand people all screaming at the top of their lungs 'LOOK AT ME' . There may well be other places you can make the contacts you need to advance with half the scrambling and a fraction of the expense.

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There's recently been some Edinburgh fringe castings on CCP Thomasin, saw one in the pod section just a couple of days ago, so check it out - might be right for you.

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