You at the Fringe this year?

Hi all

So, who is at the Fringe this year?

In the past few days, I've secured a venue, and am thoroughly looking forward to it! It's my first experience of Edinburgh, so also slightly looking for advice from fringe veterans.

I'm taking a brand new show, which hopefully people will be interested in, considering it's based on a known 'brand'. But as we all know, the economic climate isn't great.

What do people suggest in the best ways to make the experience successful and educational?

Also, if anyone is perhaps looking for a place for a week or so of it, could potentially have a spare room... Just get in touch. Details are still being finalized, but I may be able to work around dates you may require...

Any thing that anyone can say about the Fringe, venues to look out for (for good and/or bad reasons), good places to visit, eat, cheap stuff, etc etc. All will be appreciated

Exciting stuff


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I'm at the fringe also this year. 3 weeks performing the 'Open Wide' there.

Very exciting.

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