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Lisa Brown
Voice Over: English

Hi All,

I am new to the industry and currently receiving a quote with Soho voices to create my voice reel. I wondered if you could recommend any other great agencies to consider from experience? I would also like advice on best starter equipment to buy to help with recording for bookings and professionalism. Thank you for your time in advance. I look forward to connecting with you all.

lisa Brown
Insta @lisa_browncoachpr

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Paul Berry
Voice Over: English

Hi Lisa
Regards gear, do you have a good, quiet space that you can soften up with some room treatment, soft fabrics etc to deaden the sound? That's the best place to start because without a good place to record, you are going to struggle to get a good sound. Central heating, buzzing lights, traffic, next doors dog....a good microphone will pick it all try and eliminate as much as you can

I'd then see if you can try out some different microphones to see what suits your voice. You certainly don't need a Neumann U87 to get started...but I'd also avoid the false economy of a dirt cheap microphone. Rode NT1, Shure KSM32 and Neumann TLM102 are just a few suggestions of mid range price options. Booth Junkie on You Tube (who produces lots of great VO related content) is a top place to see and hear many different microphones in a VO setting, albeit with a male voice.

You'll need a laptop (or 'quiet' computer) with some software (Audacity is free), an interface (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a popular choice), a mic stand, a pop filter, a good cable and some decent headphones. And of course lots of patience and luck!

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Lisa Brown
Voice Over: English

Hi Paul

Thank you so much for your detailed advice I am very grateful. I live in a big house so I don't have to use my room by the front door but I can use my basement or front room which is more isolated from outside noise. I will look into your suggestions for devices and start researching. In the meantime, I am trying to get quotes for voiceover reels and will be doing my headshot pictures next week.

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Steve King
Voice Over: English

Hi Lisa,

I went through a lot of what you are going through in the last year and although I proved pretty poor at updating my blogs, I wrote quite a lot of it down here - I hope you find it helpful. Please feel free to message me if I can help with anything else. I recently moved on to a Kube recording booth which I have to say was money well invested because of all Paul says about extraneous noise. It doesn't eliminate everything but when it comes to deadening and reduction it's brilliant.

On microphones, I started with a RodeNT1A but booth junky did a rave review on the TZ audio Stellar here and rated it almost as well as the Neumann U87 which for the money is stunning. I invested in one and it's great.

Good luck with your career.

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John Wood
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Paul Berry. I suspect your comment 'And of course lots of patience and luck!' is the most significant part of your advice.

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Ruth Urquhart
Voice Over: Scottish

And Lisa, check out Gravy for The Brain
It has loads of resources, webinars and courses to help get you started :-)

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Lisa Brown
Voice Over: English

You are all stars so grateful for these gems honestly thank you all noted

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