12 Signs You Work in Theatre

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    1.  You know all of your colleagues’ surnames

    ...favourite pizza toppings, home phone numbers and mothers' maiden names

    2.  You added “Sharpie” to the essential “phone, keys, wallet” mantra years ago

    ...and long for the day you can synch it to your Apple account, in case of theft

    3.  You look bewildered whenever anyone mentions ‘anti-social hours’

    ...and thought 'Do Not Disturb mode' was a reminder not to call others

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    4. You can’t think of the last time you went to the theatre without knowing at least one of the cast or creatives

    Any show you don’t know anyone on just isn’t worth your time.

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    5. When you go clothes shopping you find yourself looking at black clothes without noticing

    (IMG: HBO / modified by BlueCompass)

    6. You’ve seriously considered lighting your house with a series of parcans and birdies

    (Image Credit: The Huffington Post/Pinterest)

    7. You see your overseas friends more than you see those who work in local offices

    8. The sight of someone coiling a cable badly makes your blood boil

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    9. You know how to make all the major alcoholic beverages out of apple juice, food colouring, camomile tea and lemonade

    10. Daylight is such a rare experience, sometimes it physically hurts you

    (Image Credit: Film Arts Guild)

    11. The expression “long weekend” fills you with bitterness

    ...when will people learn that bank holidays just mean more work?

    (Image Credit: lancasterproductions.com.au)

    12. You don’t know London by street name, you know it by theatre location

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