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Stephen Currell
Voice Artist


So my background is in Music and singing and I used to be a teacher. Over the years, it appears this combination has caused a lot of my friends and family to suggest I should get into voice acting, issue is: I have NO experience. I am fairly confident in my abilities and believe if given the opportunity I could do well.

So my question is: How can someone with no experience get noticed in such a competitive industry. I don't want to just be ignored or overlooked because of no voice acting experience...I mean, I have to start somewhere.

Thanks everyone

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Kasper Michaels
Voice Over: Canadian

In this day and age, you've got to put in the time. Taking into account you already have gear and a decent place to record, here are some things to consider:
-get a voice coach
-attend vo seminars and workshops
-get a voice reel (whether professional or recorded on your phone, you need something, this option cannot be left blank)

You are going to need a voice reel of some kind to then do the free stuff. If you don't have a vocal CV you have nothing for potential clients to listen to. Can you imagine having an interview and saying, I don't have any previous work, but people tell me I have a good voice....

If you were an artist, you don't show up at interviews without your portfolio, simply telling potential clients you "draw pretty good".

the stuff you can do for free:
-start volunteering for things like student films. the finished products make great reel material .
-social media and discord are filled with indie casting opportunities.
-decided what niche you want to step in to and start researching the companies that do these things. Find out who you need to contact. (If you don't know the niche's consider coaching or seminars, or social media groups that discuss VO).

once you have a voice reel
-start marketing yourself. you're going to have to put in the time. 20-50 emails a day to start. You need to tell people you are. Those companies you were researching? start sending emails and linked in connections with links to your reel.
-possibly get an agent

Covid changed the face of vo. AI will do it again (different discussion for another day). there are now many podcasters and influencers that also want to do VO.
Do you really want to do this? then there is nothing stopping you from being an amazing VO and being successful except you. This is not an instant gratification win the lottery type job. you need to put in the time. if you do, it's very rewarding and for the most part the community is very supportive. Give the time and effort and this will be a rewarding experience.

If you don't, no one will know you are here. No one hires a void. Make your star stand out.
good luck with the journey.

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Tony Coughlan
Voice Over: Scottish

Kasper's the most helpful guy out there :)

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Stephen Currell
Voice Artist

Thank you, I appreciate the help. How do you feel about the emergence of AI in voice acting, have I come into this at a bad time?

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Tony Coughlan
Voice Over: Scottish

Hi Stephen,

The market is saturated right now. I’ve been doing voice work for nearly 18 years and getting jobs from here is close to impossible.

The advice from Kasper is perfect though. :)

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Stephen Currell
Voice Artist

Thank you Tony and Kasper!

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