• Harry Carr


    Hi guys,

    I want to open this one out to the floor. I know there is no set number or frequency of audition. But I just want to know what people are managing to get via their agents. I auditioned a total of 7 times in 2019 and to me that is just very low. I have friends who audition once a week and I have friends who audition once a year. Can some friendly folks please pitch in with some numbers? I’m not talking Mandy auditions here, I meanings we get through our agents non commercial work. So theatre, film and tv.

    Also do you guys feel it is time to move on from an agent if you have not been seen for 6 months? I’m really at a loss because the more time I spend on this industry the more I come to realise that there about 20 or so agents who can actually get us in. I’m especially interested to hear from anyone who does not have a posh agent that gets frequently called in.



    • 10th Feb 2020
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