Casting Collective

  • Kathryn Mincer


    Hey there,

    I wanted to know people's opinions on Casting Collective?

    I've heard a few mixed reviews from people I've worked with and would like to know what you guys on CCP think.

    Thanks :-)

    • 8th Apr 2015
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  • Jeremy Reece


    Much like any background agency. I was in a days filming in Gloucester Docks for Alice through the looking glass through them. The payment came through OK.

    • 29th Jan 2015
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  • User Deleted

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    I was on Casting Collective's books for about three years, the last year with them was very unpleasant.

    They took 66 days to pay me for one job, which was ridiculous, when I knew extras from other agencies such as 2020 who were paid within 25 days.

    When I accused Casting Collective for sitting on my earnings for interest, they became very immature and were telling me to apologise or they would kick me off their books, I politely told them to buggar off lol.

    My advice is stay away from extra work, I chatted with the main actor on Holby City and he gave me great advice. If you want to be an actor start working in the theatre, don't waste your time doing extra work.

    • 20th Feb 2015
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  • Mairead Armstrong


    I found Casting Collective to be good and honourable, and they paid quickly

    • 8th Apr 2015
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  • Hannan Aitlkaboud


    I have had a fair few jobs with them and they do pay rather quickly.

    • 8th Apr 2015
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