Difference between 'viewed' and 'under consideration'

  • Teresa-may Whittaker

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    Hi all!

    Newbie here so apologies for what may be a daft question!

    I've applied for 2 jobs since joining a week ago, one has come up with 'viewed' and the other 'under consideration'.

    Does the 'under consideration' status alter once the client has made up their mind (either way) or do I live in the eternal hope that I might actually be 'under consideration'?

    Ice been a member of CCP for years and have loads of 'under consideration' despite never actually getting the blooming job!

    Can anyone help with their own experiences of what this means in relation to VP?


    Teresa-May Whittaker

    • 30th Apr 2021
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  • Ruth Urquhart

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    It's good to get 'under consideration' as you may get the job! However don't assume so as you may not hear anything more and remain forever more under consideration on the view list. Best to submit n forget about it! X

    • 3rd Jun 2015
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  • Ian Seale

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    Just had a reply from a client (as I was shortlisted) that they had 200 submissions in the 6 hours that the job was up.

    I guess being contacted depends on just how 'short' the shortlist is.

    • 7th Jun 2015
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  • Teresa-may Whittaker

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    Great - thanks Ruth! :)

    • 7th Jun 2015
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  • Teresa-may Whittaker

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    Haha Ian, I also got the same response!

    Refreshing to get a courtesy message though, I've been to many auditions and recalls to never hear from the casting director/production company again!

    • 8th Jun 2015
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  • Chanice Walker

    Child Actor

    If a job shows up at one point under consideration then a good few days later it shows up application viewed again what could that mean

    • 22nd Apr 2021
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  • Carla de Wansey

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    I had an interesting "message" last week from a company asking me to quote for a promo video and if I needed any more info to contact "Samantha"..So I did. Sent my usual courteous reply and asked if the job would be in perpetuity....No response. So I sent another message with a quote, no response, so I sent a quick line to say did you get my message NO RESPONSE......why bother to contact a person if they then never reply......its a weird world...By the by I agree with Ruth, just submit and forget about it.......

    • 23rd Apr 2021
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  • Tony Coughlan

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    With my experience of the industry don't get your hopes up until you've signed the contract for the job offer & recording the actual job itself, to me under consideration means nothing.

    • 24th Apr 2021
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  • Angus Scott

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    As a job advertiser, when you get all the submissions in the list and you listen through them, you have the option of putting any of them into a 'maybe' folder - that then flags up as 'under consideration' on your side.

    It does mean, usually, that you are genuinely under consideration.

    However in practice, as Tony says above, don't get your hopes up. Yes you're in a shortlist but (a bit like the lottery) it could be you, but it probably wont be :-)

    Also worth adding that most jobs I won on here I wasn't 'under consideration'.

    The big challenge at the moment is even being listened to, never mind shortlisted. I've given up auditioning on here and other P2P sites as it's become almost pointless now even wasting time auditioning as I'm not even listened to most times - despite being an early submitter. I spend my time more usefully marketing myself directly. I'm not renewing my P2P subscriptions next time each one comes around. Until the market changes, it's a waste of time and money IMHO.

    • 30th Apr 2021
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