Danaé Valterio
Graphics Designer

How do I get Mandy to stop sending me emails for paid jobs and job matches? I am not able to untick any boxes on the settings and I keep receiving many emails per day.

Let me know,
Many thanks :)

Editorial Comment Hi Danaé,

Thanks for posting on the forum. Please contact us on and we can assist you with this.

Kind regards,
The Mandy Admin Team

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Since last week I've been receiving many more emails from Mandy which do not match my skills. It is becoming a problem to manage. I am a lighting, sound tech and stage manager - yet I've been getting emails about hair and makeup, set design, film editing etc. I check my settings and I only have selected job roles which match my skills. I tired contacting via the website but have not got a response. For now I have set an email filter to delete these emails but I would like to be able to receive emails for the jobs titles I have selected. I am paying for this service and it should not be causing this much agro!

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Sam Lodato

Hi. Apologies, I realise I'm late to the party. And ignore this if you have found a solution. If not, and for those who are also struggling with the issue of receiving too many (and often irrelevant) emails per day - here's a quick fix. Create a 'burner' email with Gmail or whoever and then change the email address you have on file with Mandy to that burner email.

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