Fake agency?

  • Lee Hutchings


    Calling all actors. If you have a moment, I need to find out if any of you have had dealings with this casting agency called Elite Casting Agency? I’ve just signed up (paying a one-off fee), and did so because they claim to work exclusively with Netflix for their original programming. But I’m already starting to have my doubts if this company is real or fake. Any help or advice would be massively appreciated! elitecasting.agency

    • 28th Nov 2018
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  • Sue Parker-Nutley


    Hi Lee.

    You should NEVER pay anything up front to join an Agent/Agency.

    Elite Castings are not registered at Companies House (something easy to check) so red flags are already waving for me!

    They seem to say that they ONLY cast for Netflix films - that is very strange too.

    They also have no list of their clients on their Web page - also rather dubious.

    So, all in all, I'd say not legitimate.

    Maybe someone else will know differently.

    Good Luck.


    • 22nd Nov 2018
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  • Rebecca Wilde


    The one off upfront fee is a massive red flag. No reputable agency does that. Think about it: if there were any truth in them having lots of their clients cast in Netflix series they'd be making plenty of commission on that and wouldn't need money from you to sign up.

    • 22nd Nov 2018
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  • David Hopper


    It’s a sham agency. The name is a huge red flag to me, it sounds what someone not in the industry would think an agent would be called.

    They say they are looking for 5000 actors for Netflix programming, what a horrendous claim, that is not how this industry works.

    Never pay money upfront.

    If I was you I would contact my nearest Equity branch as soon as possible and make them aware of what has happened to you.

    I’m sorry this has happened to you Lee,

    • 23rd Nov 2018
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  • Anthony James Donnelly


    Hi Lee,

    It looks like my fellow actors have already answered this one for you. I can only echo what has been said before. I would try and get your money back from them, but most likely they won't give it back to you. Sorry to hear you've been conned.

    • 24th Nov 2018
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  • Mark Lisseman


    No. This 'agency' and it's Netflix scam have been called out before on Twitter. Netflix do not cast this way. They have been talked about many times in various Facebook groups - 100% scam.

    • 26th Nov 2018
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  • User Deleted

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    Netflix themselves have said it is a scam and not to sign up. There is a thread on this subject if you’re a member of BAN on Facebook. Steer away people.

    • 27th Nov 2018
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  • Lee Hutchings


    Hello, and thank you for all your kind replies. They are appreciated. Following on from my original post, I am now, sadly, all too aware of this fraudulent company and are in the process of dealing with the fallout, which has been very frustrating and disappointing. And the whole experience has been a tough lesson for me to learn, but I believe that, sometimes, life experience is the best way to become better, and much wiser, people. Ultimately, I strongly urge everyone to not be involved with "Elite Casting" or any similar type of company. It will only lead to bad things. But I am grateful to all those who have messaged me and shared their concerns. Thanks again, and wishing you all well on your artistic journeys.

    • 28th Nov 2018
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  • Mandy Aldridge


    Just wanted to add that it's a good idea to do your research into any agencies you may wish to join before you approach them. And then have questions ready and don't rush into anything. If it doesn't feel right, then it likely isn't right. All the best for the future

    • 28th Nov 2018
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