Hello everyone Do headshots actually get you more roles cause the photo I have is pretty shocking and unprofessional so I feel like that’s the reason I’m not gaining auditions because I have studied acting for like 10 years now so would headshots and video reels really essential to help me gain roles hope everyone is sweet :) x

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Andrea Gould

Hi Jackson, good headshots will definitely improve your chances of getting roles and auditions. Video reels are also a really good way of improving your chances of getting acting work.
Well done for studying acting for 10 years!

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Tony Packham

Hello Jackson.

Professional headshots are definitely the way to go if you want to get anywhere in this.

I read on here I believe it was that all a self made headshot does (unless you happen to be a professional photographer), is send a message to casting directors in the business “amateur headshots equal an amateur actor”, and this is something you DO NOT want people to think of you as.

And definitely think about recording yourself acting your absolute butt off in order to pad out your portfolio and show your range. Believe me, people will notice your portfolio if you make one. Even if you can’t get any work outside, you can always make your own tapes as a proof of concept.
It definitely helps in the long run.

A motto of mine since day one has been “SOMETHING, is always better than NOTHING.”

Look into a photography company in London by the name of Lumosia. They helped me with my headshots and they’re only £135 for 5 photos!
Headshots don’t have to cost an arm or a leg to get.

Hope this helps and I wish you the very best on your journey bud!

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