Hello Everybody

  • Shubz Guntoy

    Writer / Director

    Just wanted to introduce myself, Shubz. I've had an account on this website for a few years but hadn't ever used or officialized my membership until this month.

    I've found this site fairly interesting although I've lacked severely in interaction (tips are welcome). I'm a screenwriter/director with acting experience and a BA graduate of the highly-rated Metfilm school.

    I'd also like to state that I'm determined to meet new people and work with them through this platform. I have 3-4 completed scripts that I'd love to collaborate with people on and naturally numerous concepts tucked away raring to be explored if there's any interest there.

    I appreciate if you took the time to read and hope to meet many of you in the future.

    Shubz Guntoy

    • 22nd Sep 2020
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  • Cal Graham

    Sound Designer

    Hey Shubz

    Things can take time to develop but continue to connect with people and put your self out there and things will finally click and all your ideas will come to fruition

    I struggled at first when starting Mandy crew (sound designer/editor/composer/dialogue editor) however I gave my self a list of things I wanted to complete (website, show reel, right equipment, getting myself ready to take work on, persistently watching videos/tutorials, connecting with people/setting a presence etc) to make my self stand out when applying for jobs and since completing this list I'm getting a lot more interest.

    Perseverance also helps (10,000 hour concept does work)

    You might have done this (sorry in advance) Have you put a general job request out on Mandy crew requesting support in your locality from producers/Production assistant, camera crew etc to start the ball rolling or to get help in taking your ideas from paper/pen to the "big screen"

    I've seen a few people do that, if nothing comes out of it your still connecting but keep trying

    I would say attend industry based events however covid knocked that one on the head but keep your eye open just in case there is something out there.

    Good luck with everything


    • 20th Sep 2020
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  • Yousaf Ahmed / YSFVideos

    Video Editor

    Hi Shubz, nice to meet you. Wish you the best in your career.

    • 22nd Sep 2020
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