I need your HELP!

  • Leila Reid


    HI, I'm Leila I'm an actress who is currently studying psychology. I am in my second year but for my final year we get to run our own experiment and my idea is an investigation in to why do actors act.

    I really want to do this investigation and frankly I think it could produce really interesting results.

    The basic format who be a questionaire where the participants would have to circle a number which best corresponded to the statement above such as:

    I act because I want to have no regrets when I am old.

    From the answers I should I think be able to run a statical anaylsis and one or a couple of reasons should come out on top. Basically I need reasons why actors act or if considering a career in acting might want to act. So far I have:

    I want to be happy

    I want to enjoy my life

    I want to have no regrets at the end of my life/ I wanted to try it.

    I enjoy hard work

    I enjoy a challenge

    I want to be famous/ I want to be a household name

    I want to be rich

    I want to be remembered when I die

    I want to be on TV/ I want to be in a Film

    I want to be like X or Y.

    I wanted to do something from my parents

    any others anyone can think of?

    thanks Leila xox

    • 6th Mar 2009
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  • Simon Burbage


    because theres nothing else i want to do except act!

    • 2nd Mar 2009
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  • Jason Haigh


    It is accepted that in the modern world generally you have to work in order to survive and that is probably for the majority of your given life.Why not do something you are truly passion about and possibly be paid for it as well.

    The Actors Dream!!!

    • 2nd Mar 2009
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  • User Deleted

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    I wanted to be part of stories.

    Sad, but true!

    • 2nd Mar 2009
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  • Reuben Liburd


    I want to be a different person

    I want to play differnt characters

    I really love watching movies and would like to act in movies one day

    I would loved to of played the joker in the batman film.

    I want to STAR in the latest box office movies and have my face everywhere

    I want to shoot aliens

    I want a license to kill

    I have a need for speed

    I want to race to witch mountain

    I want to say the name is bond james bond

    Reuben Liburd

    • 2nd Mar 2009
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  • Claire Dodin


    Because I'm still a child, I love to play pretend! And I love that I'm having fun making a living! :-)

    • 2nd Mar 2009
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  • Lee Ravitz


    It keeps me sane. Literally. But I don't wish to burden you with mental health issues ;)

    • 2nd Mar 2009
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  • User Deleted

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    I act to be free, to be a person I want to be, that person is the inner me, no one can really see, it makes sense to me.

    • 2nd Mar 2009
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  • Charles Delaney


    ....All of the above except the 007

    bit !

    ps.Oh & I want to entertain the audience

    after I'm dead & I don't do it for fame & fortune which is just as well really!!

    • 2nd Mar 2009
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  • Antonio Rochira


    No-one has mentioned the REAL reason.

    Because we are all so very insecure and have huge egos which need to be stroked by people telling us how wonderful we really are.

    Look at me...look at me...

    Just kidding..............or am I?!

    • 2nd Mar 2009
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  • User Deleted

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    Because I never have to stop playing

    and because I love being creative


    • 2nd Mar 2009
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  • Rebecca Probyn


    umm not sure about that one Antonio !

    because I want to experience everything and walk in the shoes of people I would and could never meet

    It makes me feel complete


    • 2nd Mar 2009
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  • Leilani Holmes


    Unity. That moment where you forget you're an actor on a stage and are just one with the audience. That moment where the audience member forgets they had a crap day and they are in a theatre fighting with the guy next to them for the arm of the chair. That moment of absorption where everyone just becomes one with the movement of the play or film and forgets they exist as a seperate entity. That's why I do it.

    And I think that huge desire to act, to be the element that provides this unity, to be the one that interprets one persons thought and embodies it and gives it to another as part of a whole ensemble who make that magic is indescribable and profound. That's why I do it. Because I'm a damaged individual who needs that deeper level of communication to feel just the tiniest bit whole.

    And the applause. I like the applause too. :)

    • 3rd Mar 2009
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  • Monty Burgess


    To collaborate creatively with others.

    To watch others work.

    • 3rd Mar 2009
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  • Toni Brooks


    Because I love the whole process from conception to performance.

    Because it makes me feel alive.

    • 3rd Mar 2009
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  • User Deleted

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    Antonio is spot on ....

    ego, being the centre of attention, neglected by family. (for some, not all of course)

    have you thought about putting some negative ones it there-

    i've spent so much money training i just can't give up.

    if i give up i'm a failure.

    i don't want to do anything else, i'm also not good at anything else.

    i don't want to be forgotten so acting might make me become remembered.

    I want people to love me.

    Its cool and treny to be a performer, i want to be cool and trendy too.

    (not that this all applys to me mind you, but just some thoughts.)


    • 3rd Mar 2009
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  • User Deleted

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    Hi Leila, what a great subject to probe into and how wonderful that you can mix your two passions. I have a massive interest in psychology but have never been as brave as you to take time out of one career to focus on another. From reading your statements though, I immediately agree with the first 'I want to be happy' but believe that this statement is in fact a consequence of the all of the following statements you have written.

    I want to enjoy my life - to be happy.

    I want to have no regrets at the end of my life/ I wanted to try it - to be happy.

    I enjoy hard work - it makes me happy.

    I enjoy a challenge - it makes me happy.

    In a nutshell, I think this statement may obscure your results as an unrepresentative sample.

    Everyone's search for happiness makes us all psychologists I think and I'm with Lee on the fact that acting keeps me sane, because if I don't act, I become clinically depressed! I am not a very 'showy' person and having to get up in a group audition, for example, and speak about myself, tell a joke, or generally be me, terrifies me. But you give me a script and a short character breakdown and tell me to get up and perform, and then I'm the most confident person in the room. Perhaps it's to do with the masks we wear, unhappiness in my self maybe, or a desire to escape into another realm. Any which way, I'd be very happy to help and contribute to your final questionnaire, it's a fascinating subject. Good luck xx

    P.s. sorry for the epic novel, you've touched on a subject close to my heart!!

    • 3rd Mar 2009
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  • Alice Brockway


    What about some more complex ones?

    I want to communicate.

    I want to explore 'truth'.

    I want to explore different aspects of the world.

    I want to explore different concepts of reality.

    I want to understand people.

    I want to understand myself.

    And I think Shelly is right, you do need some negative ones. Maybe some others:

    I want to be wanted.

    I'm not good at being me so I want to spend my time being someone else.

    I can't deal with real life so I want to deal with fantasy.

    I'm trying to escape something.

    I do hope you're going to contact us so we can get involved with this, I'd love to be involved. I think it would be really interesting to see the results.

    Best of luck with this XxX

    • 3rd Mar 2009
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  • Claire Conroy


    I want to inspire and move people.

    It makes me feel free and alive.

    • 3rd Mar 2009
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  • Karen Bartke


    Because it's cheaper than therapy.

    • 3rd Mar 2009
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