In quarantine and feeling uninspired

  • Vineciah Mcfarlane


    Hello fellow creatives. My name is Vineciah McFarlane, actress. I wanted to create a forum to possibly create a place where we could share our struggles with finding inspiration/ motivation to create content and share how to get out of that funk.

    Personally, I haven't felt any need or desire to film since this outbreak until yesterday. I know I can't be alone on this! So, please share your experience and make connections!

    • 22nd Jun 2020
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  • Yvette Haynes


    I felt the urge to write inspirational notes which i started to document.

    • 26th Apr 2020
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  • Bongani Msubo


    I have been doing alot of writing in the last few weeks, mainly stage related material. I like this forum. I would love to share some texts with you all that I think could be of great creative endevours.

    • 22nd Jun 2020
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