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  • Sarah Lacey


    This is probably a fairly silly question, but I'm a bit stuck(/a newbie)!

    I've just completed my first advert, and have been asked to invoice the company using a PO number. I've been trawling the internet looking for templates/advice but I'm still unsure what my invoice should look like!

    Does anyone have any advice or information about how to invoice for an acting job (Or in an ideal world a link to a template?)

    I'd be massively grateful for some help!



    • 10th Apr 2015
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  • Sue Parker-Nutley


    Address, emails address, phone number at the top. Date, Reference (PO Number is Purchase Order Number)to the left. I'd put the initials of the company, oblique, the number 1 (your first job for them this year), oblique then 15 (the year). Then centre the word "invoice" in capitals. Then the words "For working on (name of commercial) on (date of commercial). Follow that across and put the amount. Then go down about two inches, put your full name and then your bank details (for a BACS payment). Then finish it off with "Terms: Payment within 30 days" (always worth a try although don't expect to be paid within 30 days, unless you're very lucky!).

    Hope that helps.


    • 10th Apr 2015
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  • Nigel Peever


    This is what I send out adapted for you. I've done a bit of work abroad so the Iban numbers are for international payment to my account and are not necessary for UK Payments.


    From Sarah Ellen Martin

    1 CCP Rd

    Shangri La


    EQ1 1TY

    United Kingdom.


    William Shakespeare

    Globe theatre


    AD1 603

    Re : The Merry Wives of Richard the Third

    To Perform as Juliet and Macbeth 3rd-8th July 1603

    6 Days Fee £1,0000 per Day

    Total £6,000.00

    Please pay within 28 days.

    Many Thanks

    Sarah Ellen Martin

    BACS details

    Barclays Bank bank address

    Name: S E Martin

    Sort code : 20-02-20

    Account : 123459

    Iban no : GB75 BARC 1111 222 333 44

    SWIFT BIC : Barc GB33

    UTR Tax reference number 1234567890

    NI Number BB 11 22 33 B

    • 10th Apr 2015
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  • Nigel Peever


    Before anyone comments obviously all the numbers are fakes and yes I missed a zero off... that could be a terrible mistake! :-)

    • 10th Apr 2015
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