Is there a way to filter email job alerts?

Vicki Helyar

Hi all,

I have just joined Mandy after years of being off of it and I'm really struggling with the new format.

Much like Spotlight, I only want to receive emails with job alerts in the type of roles that I'm interested in but I'm receiving everything and being bombarded daily and it's very annoying. Is this my fault or theirs? Is there a way of filtering the jobs but I just haven't found it?

Thanks, Vicki

Editorial Comment Hello Vicki,

Thank you for the post.

I'm sorry you're having issues with your job alerts. Could you perhaps email us with more details and attach screenshots of emails you've been receiving?

Please contact us at [email protected] with more information concerning your problem.

Thank you.

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I had this in my email today...

Nana of Liam (his dad’s mum) - a study on wisdom. All characters will be performed with a Middlesbrough accent.

This never used to happen. What's gone wrong?

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Ian Seale
Voice Over: English

THIS, is what's gone wrong....

My E-mail Conversation with Mandy/Backstage - regarding the complete dogs dinner they have made of Casting Notice E-mails:


"Our goal as a platform hasn't changed - which is to provide a platform with the best job opportunities to help our talent grow their careers and become successful, and are currently making a number of changes to support this. This means that you'll start receiving more diverse casting alerts, providing you with even more opportunities to showcase your skills to employers looking for talent".


"Well the goal of the platform has certainly changed from the perspective, and experience, of its users.

The vast majority of us who were already on the platform before the Backstage involvement, joined a platform called Casting Call Pro, or Voices Pro – the Pro standing for Professional – we joined because we were professionals – we don’t want more “diverse” casting alerts, we want Casting Alerts which are appropriate.

I’m sure the CDs and producers placing the Castings also want them sent to the appropriate talent, and not scattered to all and sundry, and would be surprised to discover that this is no-longer the case".

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Ian Seale
Voice Over: English

If Spotlight did this, they'd go oit of business.

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Well, at least you’re receiving email alerts… since the update, I haven’t received anything at all!

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I am experiencing the same thing since the Backstage merger! Quiz show hosts teaching posts to name but a few! Also wrong gender or language spoken. It's extremely annoying! I also feel like I'm missing out on the good posts that I'm suitable for as I feel I am getting more of the 'other' stuff now! Is there a way to change the filters or are we stuck with this? I was very happy previously but am not enjoying this new layout the new platform!

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Ian Seale
Voice Over: English

THIS - looks to be the new Mandy policy, now they have 'merged' with (been gobbled up by Backstage.

"This means that you'll start receiving more diverse casting alerts, providing you with even more opportunities to showcase your skills to employers looking for talent"

BTW - I have cancelled the automatic renewal of both my Mandy Actors and Voiceover Premium Membership.

Of course, I'm on Spotlight, but I really liked having an alternative casting platform - I was on Mandy before it merged with Casting Call Pro and Voices Pro, and Casting Networks too, but they are all pants now.

I'd really appreciate it, of anyone knows of any, looking at alternatives both for Acting and VO.

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Hi Ian,
Thanks for the response! I’m so disappointed as I’ve always had great work from
Mandy but the quality of jobs seems to of gone down so much! I was also with the website from the beginning. It began to get some really good opportunities! Such a shame this has happened!

I too would be happy to hear of any alternatives that people are using!

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Dear all
The situation with Mandy is now unacceptable.

Not only am I receiving notification of jobs for which I **cannot** apply due to being the wrong gender but also tech jobs eg experienced props maker for Coronation Street which is utterly irrelevant.
Any day now it’ll highlight jobs as potato pickers…
A “job” appeared last week which was offering £2,31 per hour.
Opportunity? Perhaps. Job? NO!!
I also find it profoundly irritating that the alerts no longer carry the vital information of dates and fee but requires me to open up each and every entry.
Does anyone else know of a secondary jobs board as an addition to Spotlight?
Mandy is becoming an expensive irrelevance.

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Agree entirely.

My e-mail to Mandy of just less than 30 minutes ago:

"Yet again, I'm getting SPAM e-mails ftom StarNow - who shouldn't have my e-mail address and do not have my permission to contact me in this way.

When I follow the UnSubscribe or Manage Preferences Link it takes me to Backstage and all options were ticked - I did not do this.

I have removed the ticks from all options.

All I want e-mailed to me are Mandy Instant Alert Casting Notices matching my profile.

Please make sure that this the case.

I want nothing to do with StarNow or Backstage - just Mandy.

This has now gone beyond a joke".

In answer to your question, I know of none, and am in the same boat.

Casting Networks promised much, but have delivered little.
ETalenta have the occasional, but continental Europe, castings.

Oh, how I wish we could have the old Casting Call Pro back!

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