Jobs opprtunities

  • Maria Hanashiro

    Voice Artist

    I'm new to Mandy. Trying to find out where can I see the job posted to apply internationally.

    Job search there always no result.

    Any instructions on how to navigate the jobs available on this site?

    Thank you all

    • 3rd Jun 2020
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  • Peter Hosking

    Voice Artist

    Hello Maria, when I enquired about the lack of job postings, I was eventually told that International artists are excluded from applying for jobs in the UK and the USA. If you feel,as I do, that you have been misled into paying for full membership, that the job opportunities were misrepresented to you, contact the Advertising Standards Authority in London.

    • 12th Feb 2020
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  • Alexis Herber

    Voice Artist

    I wish I had read this comment before I gave away my money..

    As an internationally based British artist, I feel cheated.

    I have emailed support asking for either a change in how they separate jobs, a change of my location to the UK or a refund.

    I anticipate getting none of these things.

    • 3rd Jun 2020
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