Lets follow and Support each other!

  • Philip Kay


    Hey guys,

    I hope everyone here is managing to remain positive and productive during these bizarre and undoubtedly sad times. Lockdown has put a giant wall up in front of everybody and forced many of us to look internally, do some hard thinking, or for many of us maybe practice NOT thinking so much. I'm fairly sure most of us have done one of these.

    One thing I want to work on, is really backing the work and pursuits of the people who are in the same boat as me. If you're working towards something, sharpening your tools, strategising, creating opportunities fo yourself and/or working on recognising when opportunities are in front of you, I salute you and I back you! Maybe you're writing a play or a film, polishing your self tapes or just practicing whatever craft you want to improve on, sometimes some support and acknoweldgment can go a LONG way.

    Like many of us, I mostly look to people I admire for support. Indirect videos, masterclasses, tutorials, watching, reading and expereincing the work of my favourite actors, directors and writers in the hope it'll give me that rush of confidence and inspiration. And they Mostly do, make no mistake about it! But sometimes, that reminder to keep going from your peers can give you that little bit more drive and reassurance! Also it's worth noting that not everybody is fortunate enough to have a super supportive group of friends around them to push and encourage them. Even more of a reason to keep spreading positive vibes and supporting each others creative pursuits!

    Let me know what you guys are working on at the moment! What projects you're working on, and/or what skills your building! Share your Instagram Handles and I'll follow you back!

    Heres mine if you feel like following:)



    Have a great day, enjoy the rest of the weekend and lets support each other :)

    • 5th Jun 2020
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  • Melissa Hartzel


    Well done for being proactive in these tough times. It’s not always easy to persevere when times are tough. The first part of lockdown were very quiet for me and I started taking an online course to become a counsellor and then a month ago.... an audition out of nowhere and I landed a big job, and the second part of lockdown has been crazy!!! Which proved to me that in this game you really never know what is round the corner. Keep going...!

    I have followed you on Instagram :) @melissahartzel

    • 1st Jun 2020
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  • Paige Farnham


    Hi, I think this is a great idea! I have followed you both. My Instagram is @paigefarnham I am currently planning on posting more monologues and writing my own scripts.

    • 1st Jun 2020
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  • Lewis Allcock


    Great idea, and it's always really useful to connect with each other and share projects.

    I've followed all three of you. :)

    My Instagram is @lewis.allcock

    Best wishes,


    • 1st Jun 2020
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  • Andrew Gruffudd


    It's always good to build up, add strings to one's bow and possibly renew some of the old ones. Personally, I'm using the lockdown as an excuse to learn the piano - I've got composition software on my computer and recently bought a midi keyboard to plug in and play! It's early days yet, but I think I can play a recognisable national anthem and Greensleeves, without too many wrong notes. I wonder how long 'til I can pick out Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2...

    Alas I don't have instagram, yet, but I'm on if that floats your biscuit.

    • 5th Jun 2020
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