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  • Tony Coughlan


    Hi everyone,

    First of all I hope everyone is coping OK with coming out of lockdown slowly? Since things are slowly starting to improve across our industry my agent has insisted I get myself a London base for audition, projects etc. As i'm a northern based actor.

    I don't plan to move to London as I'm happy in Manchester & I like the City but I know I will need to be in London for future work.

    It would be most grateful if any actors on this lovely site would consider an experienced actor to occasionally stay with them if I need any auditions or filming projects in London.

    I've looked at Air B&B but it's very expensive, I'm not looking to rent long term it's just if I need to stay over for the above situations and the fee offered by the project doesn't cover travel or accommodation costs.

    I understand this will need to involve a conversation or some kind of interview to see if it would work for myself & you.

    If any actors would be interested in this potential collaboration please message me privately as I wouldn't want personal contact details being shown across the forum.

    Thanks for taking the time to read.

    Kind regards


    • 20th Jul 2020
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