Looking for People to Work With - MA thesis research project.

  • Jennifer Hazelton

    Drama Facilitator


    I am an MA Collaborative Theatre Making in Association with Frantic Assembly student at the University of Coventry. I am researching the area of quiet leadership and facilitation for theatre-making. I am putting together a workshop series that will run from the end of October 2019 to the end of November 2019.

    I am looking for interested participants to take part in the workshop for free for me to test out some theatre-making practices designed for quieter reflective practices.

    The workshops will be 1-2 evenings a week held in Coventry. I need to see who is interested before making a finalized schedule.

    If interested please feel free to email me at hazeltoj@coventry.ac.uk for more information.

    • 17th Oct 2019
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