• Ronan Williams

    Child Actor

    What does it mean if some of my ‘sent’ messages are highlighted in green ?

    • 16th May 2020
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  • Sue Parker-Nutley


    It means that they haven't been read yet.


    • 16th Sep 2019
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  • Daniel McGovern

    Child Actor

    Views have gone up by a few but profile reads ‘no new views since your last visit’ - does this mean someone has ‘hidden’ their profile somehow?

    • 30th Sep 2019
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  • Lottie Hay

    Child Actor

    If you are viewed by a ‘candidate’ what does that mean? I assumed it was someone applying for the same job as you but they wouldn’t know whatcyou have applied for?

    • 24th Dec 2019
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  • Charlie Southby

    Child Actor

    I have always assumed it was just other actors browsing profiles.

    The views thing is a bit of a mystery and has never really correlated to work success in my experience so we just tend to ignore it.

    • 5th Jan 2020
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  • Quawntae Woolhead

    Child Actor

    How do I extend my 30day trial as I have several 30 day vouchers which doesn't seem to work when I click on it?


    • 28th Jan 2020
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  • Leo Liuzza

    Child Actor

    If I get an audition offer, do I need to notify my agent?.

    • 16th Feb 2020
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  • Ellie Hemmings

    Child Actor

    I would check your agreement with your agent. My contract includes a smaller payment to my agent for any work they I find myself

    • 13th Apr 2020
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  • Charlie Southby

    Child Actor

    Yes, agree with Ellie. Check your agreement with your agent if you find work yourself

    If it is an audition rather than a booked job, you still need to tell your agent because they need to know they cant submit you for anything in that day. Also if it's a big job you might want them involved with negotiating the contract anyway. You are on the same side and want the same thing, so keep it open and keep telling then what you are doing.

    • 16th May 2020
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