• Marianna Michael

    Writer / Director


    This is a call out to Enfield and North London based people. It would be great to start connecting with local possible cast and crew members for people to collaborate with, including myself.

    • 2nd Apr 2021
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  • Adam King

    Director (Self Shooting)

    Hey Marianna,

    I'm not London based unfortunately, I'm in Essex. However if that doesn't put you off, I'm always interested in meeting new collaborators, I'm a Director primarily but I also shoot and edit. I've got a couple scripts in the works and I'm in pre production on a short film at the moment. What kind of things are you working on/ hope to be working on?

    • 29th Jan 2020
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  • Sol Dedewo

    Sound Engineer

    Hi Marianna,

    I am currently looking to collaborate too, I can offer professional audio post-production sound from my home studio :)

    • 2nd Apr 2021
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