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    Hello new members!

    This section is for you. So go on give us a shout, introduce yourselves and let us know what it is that you do.

    Lets get the ball rolling....

    Hannah (Admin)

    • 3rd Jan 2019
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    Oh Okay, I'll start!

    Hola! I'm Hannah, FTP admin, tea drinker, currently a massive loner on this forum....anyone out there?....anyone at all? Save me...from myself....please!

    • 17th Oct 2014
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    You're not the only person on the whole forum? :O

    Well I'm James from England currently staying in Sydney, looking to explore what kind of industry they have here.

    • 22nd Oct 2014
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    James! It's just the two of us...actually lots of people are reading, just not commenting - these things take time!

    How are you finding Sydney? Are you missing Tea and Cadburys yet?

    We have alot of people on our British site asking us about how easy it is to find work as a Brit in Australia - I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

    • 24th Oct 2014
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    Oh well, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before it takes off!

    In all honesty, there is not a great deal of difference in culture between Sydney and the UK - I have given in and bought some Twinings tea from time to time.

    I haven't been living in Sydney that long. I've been traveling Australia for 2 months and now I'm looking for work. At the moment I haven't found many opportunities in film and TV. I'd appreciate any pointers as to find more.

    I'm a colourist and it's difficult to know what to look for as the Australian usage of the term apparently means colouring hair. I imagine anyone involved in post-production who is travelling may find finding individual film project work difficult as you can't exactly carry around your editing/colour-grading studio. Many film-role postings want you to have your own equipment. But it's still early days.

    I shall update when I have made some progress.

    • 27th Oct 2014
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  • Gary Compton

    Stills Photographer

    Hi Guys,

    Sydney based stills photographer here. Originally from the UK but been in Aus for a while now...

    • 24th Nov 2014
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  • Ben Christensen


    You're not alone =P

    My name's Ben, I'm a TV researcher/AP moving to Melbourne early next year with my partner.

    Do you guys know of any places in Melbourne that are particularly friendly/interested in relative newbies to the industry? I've done a year and a half in Kids TV in NZ and want to get a foot in the door in the Aus industry.



    • 9th Dec 2014
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    Hi guys!

    I'm Sally, based in Melbourne. Costume Assistant looking for more film projects to work on. I LOVE tea. If anyone is up for tea in Melbourne give me a shout. I'm always up for tea. Ever been to that purple place in the Emporium in the city? There's really fancy floral tea pots and tea cups.

    So in a nutshell, I love working in Costume, on a film, drinking tea, then going for amazing dinner in Melbourne. Anyone looking for my type?


    • 29th Jan 2015
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  • Alex Li


    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Alex Li and I'm a director/ DP based in Brisbane. If anyone is local, I'm looking forward to meet your guys and hopefully shoot some good stuff together in the future.


    • 21st Jul 2015
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  • George Letiko


    Hi Everyone

    My name is George based in Melbourne, really looking forward to work on some project with you guys. specialist as DP and editor

    thank you

    • 10th Aug 2015
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  • Reid Erickson

    Production Assistant

    Hey all,

    I'm Reid and I'm from California. Just moved to Melbourne looking for work in the film/tv industry. I have a still photo background with grip/gaffer experience.

    Excited to see what's out there!

    • 21st Sep 2015
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  • Kenneth Ang


    Hi all, I'm Kenneth and I'm looking for any TV or film production work in Melbourne having directed and produced a Singaporean TV series earlier this year. Looking forward to talking to anyone who is interested and/or looking for an enthusiastic individual to join their team!

    • 12th Oct 2015
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  • Krishna Bosch

    Sound Engineer

    Hi guys, My name is Krishna, I'm from Netherlands living in Gold Coast area, and looking to do any audio related work. or whatever film production work becomes available. Doesn't seem like much goes on on this forum..

    • 19th Oct 2015
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  • Adrian Haverkate

    Writer / Director

    Hi All

    My name is Adrian Haverkate I have been loiving on the Gold Coast for since last year I moved up here from Sydney.

    • 27th Oct 2015
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  • Paige Larianova

    AD (1st)

    Hey, I am new to Australia and just finished by BA in Media Studies in NZ. Keen to met some filmies! :)

    • 9th Dec 2015
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  • Randall Evans

    Camera Operator

    Hi everyone, I'm Randall and i've been doing video production since 2008. I'm really looking for some feature film projects to be part of (In any capacity). I've been distracted by the success videography has to offer, but it's not my passion. I need to work in film.

    If I have to start from the bottom to slide under the door, so be it :)

    • 10th Dec 2015
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  • Jayson Mengel

    Sound Engineer

    Hey, I'm Jayson from Brisbane. I've studied audio engineering and really hoping to start a career in post production either in Sydney, Melbourne, new York, LA, the UK... to be honest I dont really care where.. :P as Lon as there is work ..

    • 27th Dec 2015
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  • Daniel Le

    Camera Operator

    Hi, I'm Dan from Sydney, videographer, photographer and editor so, keen to do collaboration with people so hit me up,

    • 23rd Dec 2016
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  • Edwin Davis


    Hi, I'm Edwin from Brisbane. I'm a cinematographer and video producer who's recently moved up from Adelaide to Brisbane, and love working behind the camera and editing. I ran a production company in Adelaide for 10 years, but now time to move on to a new chapter in Brisbane, where I'm looking to take on more freelance work. You can view my showreel on my website:

    • 23rd Dec 2016
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  • Karin Peagram


    Jumping in - hello all. I'm Karin from Adelaide. :) I'm a transcriber for docos / corporate videos / EPKs. I've got a few credits under my belt and can work with any file type and match BITC as well.

    Contact me any time (even weekends - this is no 9-5 job!) if you need assistance. :)

    • 9th Feb 2017
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