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  • Hannah Timms


    Helloooooo new members!

    This section is for you. So go on give us a shout, introduce yourselves and let us know what it is that you do.

    Lets get the ball rolling....

    Hannah (Admin)

    • 27th Apr 2020
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  • Piyush Puri

    Sound Recordist

    Hello! I'm Piyush. I have completed my post grad diploma in Advance Film making and television production as well as Enterprise project management. I'm a Production Sound Mixer/Boom Operator. My other skills are Sound Design/Mixing/Editing. So I'm basically a sound Tech and musician as well.

    • 14th May 2017
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  • User Deleted

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    My name is Meagan and I am a makeup artist looking to get a start in film and television. I live in Mississauga but am able to travel to anywhere in the GTA. Please reach out if you need a makeup artist! My portfolio is

    • 26th May 2017
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  • Francesco Bori - Cinematographer


    I am Francesco, a British/Italian dude in Toronto. I am a humble award winning filmmaker and cinematographer. I have been working a few years, always looking to make new connections and share the love and help people out,

    • 13th Jun 2017
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  • Guin Won

    Foley Artist

    Hi all!

    Im an ex-forest fire fighter(6 years) and am now shifting my focus into becoming a Foley artist! Recently moved from Thunder Bay, Ontario after graduating from Confederation College's Film Production program. I enjoy collaborating with others and making fun and meaningful content.

    Majority of my on set experience has been Boom Operating, but I've also had experience as 2nd camera assistant, sound mixer, grip and have directed 2 short films as well!

    Look forward to making new connections, entertaining and meaningful content, and pursuing my ambition to working with Foley artists!

    Cheers everyone!

    • 22nd Jun 2017
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  • Kieran Khan


    Hello Everyone,

    I'm Kieran, a Toronto based videographer looking to keep advancing my craft and working on new projects. Take a look at my work and let me know if you want to work together.

    • 25th Jul 2017
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  • Andrew Maclennan

    Camera Operator

    Hi my name is Andrew MacLennan, and I am a videographer who owns his own gear and i really would like to fimd owing from there. I am in the process of making a demo reel but I have a ton of content on my personal all youtube including lots of drone work I have done. Please let me know what you think

    • 12th Sep 2017
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  • User Deleted

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    Hi everyone! I'm Zach and I'm an audio engineer.

    While I can tackle any task that is sound related, I lean more to the Post Production side of the biz (sound designing/composing/mixing). Like most of you guys here, I'm based in the GTA (greater Toronto area). I'm easy to get along with and I always give my best effort to make sure that the product I put out is something to be proud of.

    Anyways, I've taken up enough of your time so let me know if you need a sound guy or even someone to bounce ideas off of (I'm a pretty creative person). I'm here to help!

    • 14th Sep 2017
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  • Paul WIldman

    Camera (Wildlife)

    Hey there.

    Paul here, just joined up. New to Canada, just immigrated from South Africa. I’m a camera op / DoP on land and underwater for wildlife. Documentaries. Commercials and more. Hope to make great new contacts and do some amazing work.

    • 5th Oct 2017
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  • Kieran Khan


    Hi Hannah,

    I'm a videographer,

    but haven't been having the best luck on mandy with new opportunities in my field

    • 5th Oct 2017
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  • Isabel Estabrook


    Hello, My name is Isabel. I own Cacti Production and I love drinking tea and creating short films.

    • 25th Oct 2017
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  • Roy Contreras


    my name is Roy. i have worked in the film and video production 8 years. i have stepped into more reality internet show. now i want to get back into film and video production.

    • 1st Nov 2017
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  • Kieran Khan


    Freelance Videographer/Editor, please take a look at my work and let me know if you want to work.

    Demo Reel:

    • 1st Nov 2017
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  • User Deleted

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    My friends call me Mai, I a recent graduate of a Design school and a currently studying in Architecture construction. My focus has always been designing and creating new environments. I'm always lost in my own imaginations and I want to put that to good use as a set designer.

    • 30th Dec 2017
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  • Roy Contreras


    Hello everyone, im Roy, i work in various field in independent film productions. multitasked in DP, camera op, Videographer, Photographer, Editor, Producer, Production Manager, PA, EPK, Boom Op, Assistant. I work and live in Toronto. I have worked outside toronto as well.

    Nice too meet you all!!!

    • 30th Dec 2017
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  • Tahir Badoella


    Hello everyone,

    My name is Tahir, I've been an editor for about 3 years and been working for two companies, editing promo material, short docs, corporate stuff and everything in between! I'm well versed in Premiere, FCP X, and now getting a grip on Avid. I'm studying at California State University, Northridge majoring in TV-production graduating this May and shooting on the side. Hoping to get my foot in the door in the industry as I'm planning to move to Toronto in the near future! I'd love to have a chat with people already established in the industry over there to get a feel for what to expect.

    Hoping to get to know you all!

    • 13th Feb 2018
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  • Marie Papp

    Art Dept Assistant

    Hello hello everyone, my name is Marie, about to graduate from Concordia University (Montreal) in Film Studies. What I need right now is to gain professional experience. I am a hard worker, I am extremely motivated and I think I could contribute in any possible ways to something amazing. Please contact me if you're looking for an intern (here in Montreal would be perfect, but I am open to going anywhere else). Cheers!

    • 13th Mar 2018
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  • Alexander Brooks

    Assistant Grip


    Name's Alex Brooks, I'm coming off of 7 years in the service industry (serving/bartending) and trying to get some work as a Grip. I've already helped in a couple smaller shoots and I am ready to work and learn more!

    Down to work as a Grip Assistant, PA, or set painter, eager to learn about the film business in general, Grip and Lighting, and also Sound Recording which is a huge interest of mine.

    Looking forward to connecting! Don't be shy if you need an eager pair of hands on your set!

    • 14th May 2018
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  • User Deleted

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    hi guys my name is anand i love direction and acting and love to work in a crew too pl feel free to call me even its for free

    • 30th May 2018
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  • Avryl Trull

    Make-up Artist

    Hi everyone,

    I am a makeup artist and hairstylist! I am currently living in the Niagara region, but would love to get more involved in film/television projects in Toronto and Hamilton area.

    Give me a shout!

    • 15th Oct 2018
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  • Daniel Fishbayn

    Script Writer

    Hey there!

    My name is Daniel Fishbayn, and I'm a writer, filmmaker, and editor based in Toronto. I've worked on many different projects for web, TV, and film, both scripted and in the documentary world.

    Right now, I'm focused on writing opportunities in scripted TV and webseries. I am currently in development on two half-hour comedies, two animated series for children, and a one-hour sci-fi series, all based on my own original concepts.

    I am adaptable, motivated, and eager to get involved in some exciting new projects. Please feel free to reach out, as I would love to discuss how we can work together. I have many portfolio pieces and industry references which I am happy to share! :)

    • 22nd Oct 2018
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