• Ben Mansbridge


    Was contacted by these people with a casting breif for an all-Indian cast (apparently I'm THAT good of an actor) but there was a catch; you need to sign up for their website.

    Played ball for a bit and a heartbeat after creating a profile was told 108 people had already viewed me (I had no idea I was that popular). They even have tiers for their profiles with only the, you guessed it, most expensive tier giving you even a sample of Mandy and Spotlight offer.

    The icing on the cake though? Went to their review page and their response was a giberish legal threat that looked as though it had been through the ringer with Google translate a few times.

    If you like to see their response for yourself, I've attached the screenshots to my Google review here:

    Stay safe guys! x

    • 7th Aug 2020
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