New York accent - help!

I'm in a play set in New York around the time of 9/11, I don't have many lines but I want to do it justice and nail the accent. My character is from downtown NYC.
Wondering if anyone can point me to some good online resources, I'm struggling to find much on youtube.
OR if there is a kindhearted New Yorker (or actor with a great accent) that would record the lines for me as a voice note, for me to learn the accent by copying I would be very grateful!
Thank you :)

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Simon Oliver

Hi Helen,

You could try this:


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Oz Direncay

IDEA is a good resource, link below:

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Mary Redmond

Hey Helen, there's an app called 'Real Accent' which you can by for around £10. I know it can be off putting when you have to pay for an app, but it was honestly so helpful and there are real people on there who have authentic accents. It comes with all the steps to help you perfect an accent and lets you record and compare your recording to an authentic one. Hope this helps!

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Duh spring is sprung
Duh grass is riz
I wonder where dem boidies is
Duh Boids are on duh wing
Ain't dat absoid ?!?
Duh wings arr on duh Boid



Try and find episodes of Rhonda, Seinfeld , everybody loves Raymond or the Nanny.

Good luck.

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Julia Lacey

Watch Judge Judy on a loop.

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Thank you all for the helpful responses, really appreciate it

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Paul - ‘Rhoda’ I think ;)

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Tam Hinton

Why don't you just watch a lot of films set in new york? There's plenty of them. Scorsese springs to mind. Find an actress you like (not too well known!) and copy her.

I also find it useful to find a reference of someone doing the accent badly

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Mark, yes of course, doh !!! What a shmendreck !

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