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    As its a bit on the slow side, thought I'd add this as a 'stocking filler' till something better turns up...!!!

    John Thaw (Inspector Morse) had his Jaguar Mk2

    Lewis Collins (Bodie - The Professionals) had his Ford Capri

    Paul Michael Glassier (Starsky & Hutch) had his Gran Torino

    and Philip Glenister (Life on Mars) had his Ford Cortina

    If you had just landed the lead in a new prime time detective story…What would be your ‘Dream Icon Car'? and why?

    Vroom Vroom


    • 22nd Jul 2009
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  • Nigel Peever


    I like bikes, so a detective on a bike would be good, somehow Michael Elphick in Boon isn't quite what I mean.

    As for lady detective cars don't forget Lady Penelope and her pink Rolls Royce.

    • 22nd Jul 2009
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