Not getting job role alerts via email any more!

Diane Lukins

For over two months now, since did an 'upgrade' to their website, I have not been receiving any job role alerts. They have yet found a way to rectify the problem, so I was wondering if anyone else with a 'btconnect' or 'btinternet' email address was suffering a similar problem?
I have contacted them on numerous occasions about this, and while initially seeming helpful, they have yet to do anything to put it right. This is very frustrating as it shouldn't take so long to sort this out. Not sure how to get them to take this seriously. I suggested using another email address to see if that will solve the problem, but they said no, as they were working on fixing the problem, but here I am, still waiting. Any one else having troubles with alerts?

Editorial Comment Hi Diane, thanks for posting on our Forum. We're in the process of deploying this fix - and so you should now start receiving our emails once again. Thanks for your patience and we apologise for the inconvenience. If there's anything else we can help with please let us know at [email protected] Thanks, The Mandy Team.

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