Please help me find a good duologue asap!!!! contemporary and about 3-4 minutes

  • Jenna Sharpe


    Hi everyone

    I am performing in a showcase in about 2 weeks and am having trouble finding a duologue for me and my partner.

    Please, if anyone has any scenes or scripts they could suggest I am desperate and have been looking through so many now that I can't even judge anymore.

    It has to be contemporary and about 3-4 minutes long but it can be comedy, drama, or from a film or play or tv show.

    There needs to be a female role for me 18-30 and a male role for someone in their 30's or possibly older.

    And it needs to be something I can get hold of and read right now as I don't have time to order it and wait for delivery.

    I know it is a big ask but perhaps someone here has been in a similar position and might have some suggestions?

    (very stressed) Jenna

    PMing me is fine btw!

    • 31st Mar 2010
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  • User Deleted

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    hitchcock blonde...has some great duologues between early 20s girl and guy in early 40s...good strong contempory play...

    good luck with showcase..

    ps also oleana ,again same age dynamic.

    • 23rd Mar 2010
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  • Jason Haigh


    Hi Jenna,

    you might want to look at 'The Blue Room' by David Hare.Famously performed by Nicole Kidman and Iain Glen at The Donmar in the late 90's.Several roles for your age and partner.All duologes.

    Good luck

    • 24th Mar 2010
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  • Jenna Sharpe


    Thanks you all for your suggestions and to everyone who PMd me. I really appreciate it and managed to find a great piece I feel happy about doing. Phew.


    • 29th Mar 2010
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  • Chris Upton


    Oh well. I was gonna suggest Betrayal by Harold Pinter.

    • 29th Mar 2010
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  • Alan Wales


    TWO by Jim Cartwright which I'm directing at the moment, especially Lesley and Roy about an abused wife.

    • 31st Mar 2010
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