Spelling and Grammar

  • Toni Brooks


    It really puts me off when grammar and spelling are bad in castings. I do wish posters would get someone to check their post before submitting. A teacher if necessary. It looks so unprofessional too.

    • 14th Jun 2020
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  • Tony Coughlan


    Yeah a proof reader would work.

    • 12th Jun 2020
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  • Simon Boughey


    Toni - I agree 100%. The misuse of the possessive apostrophe is particularly prevalent. It puts me of applying to such jobs.

    • 12th Jun 2020
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  • Sue Parker-Nutley


    I completely agree, Toni.

    Some of the scripts I've received have been diabolical too, even allowing for English not being the first language of the author.

    By the way, Simon, it's rather apt that you've put "of" instead of "off"!!


    • 13th Jun 2020
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  • Andrew Gruffudd


    Yes indeed. As a writer myself, I am always disappointed when a professional position is represented by bad linguistic presentation. Of course, I understand, and can accept, where someone is dyslexic, or they don't have a full understanding of the language, and they cannot get things proofed - but for businesses et al to let slip a blatant disregard for the written word when there are so many reasonably-priced proofreaders, not to mention free spell-check facilities, is beyond the pale.

    • 14th Jun 2020
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