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Scott Riley

Hi Everyone. I am new to Casting Call Pro, and I have just started out on the daunting journey of trying to become a professional actor. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or starting pointers. I am keen on breaking into voice acting but at this stage I will be grateful for any opportunity. Thank you.

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Hey Scott,

Have you joined any acting groups, actors centre etc. You can introduce yourself to other actors and learn more about your craft. Where are you based?

What are you interested in doing? Film, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Role Play?

I found after I left Drama School that I didn't know where to start, I had mostly done Theatre so found I needed more screen work. Now after looking back at my career of 16 years, I think it was wise for me to start in fringe, I learnt a lot and work ethic, then student films, they are great to get screen experience but also you learn about working on set. Also help to build up your first showreel, everyone asks for one these days, they are a must. Sometimes when you are starting out you have to work for free, it's just how it is. You want experience so you do it.
Voice work, came later but you need to contact a voice over company who do show reels and get yourself a reel.
My work now is varied and I find myself doing more screen work because of my daughter.

If you fancy Role Play, can be very lucrative and great to practice improvisation, you need to contact Role Play companies.

Hope that helps. Go for it and all the best of luck.



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Paul Ryan

I am new to this type of work. I’m looking for on screen extra work, preferably paid. Any tips out there that may enhance my prospects are gratefully appreciated

  • 8 months ago
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Jodie Martin

Hi, I'm a transgender female and just joined Mandy, totally new and looking for that first chance in acting / modelling. I've done a trial modelling shoot and loved it and felt very comfortable on camera, just want that first chance to go further. X

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User Deleted
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Hi Guys, I'm new too! Looking to be an extra to see what it's like. Done threatre and modelling in the past so looking to try something a bit different and venture out of my comfort zone. Nice to meet you all.

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Hi everyone,
Great to see new people as well on here. I'm new to Mandy, wish I came here sooner as I have varied experience with modelling, TV and Commercials.
If COVID didn't hinder us so much, I would love to go to Role play and Acting workshops to broaden some skills towards being an Extra/Supporting Artist.
Hoping to connect to people if there's anyone that has any pointers for workshops in person or virtual, or any advice for someone like me starting out - please shout!
Thanks guys

  • 7 months ago
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Absolutely new all this to me, but really exciting about it.
Any advice for those who want to act in the background on film or TV?
Kind regards

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Sunny Singh

Hey guys,

Completely new to this too. Not too sure what to expect, but will see if it leads to anything! He who dares, wins! ;)

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Hi guys, I'm new to this!
I am fashion influencer, content creator, very passionate about acting, Would love to join some some acting workshops and make long term friends in the process...

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Hi guys, I'm new to this!
I am fashion influencer, content creator, very passionate about acting, Would love to join some some acting workshops and make long term friends in the process...

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Simon Pascoe

Well we're all new here. Acting/performing all my life but have never tried to establish myself as an independent actor. Sort of feel there's work out there for older yet rugged actors (well that's how I like to see myself!). Looks like the more training you've had the higher up the list you go. Good luck suckers

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Paul Goodman

I am also new and looking for extra roles, I am a flexible, agile and fit with martial arts experience. Looking to get out of my current way onto a new one so I am Looking to do things on weekends at the moment as I currently work full time. I live Kent southeast England and work in Lewisham. I drove cars on national Treasure two. Was part of a small theatre company in Southend had a lot of fun there. I’d like to know where to begin or who to get in touch with as I have a very varied skillset, I understand ropes, climbing and rigging. I am 50 and remain a punctual person, I’d like to know where to begin? Thank You.

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Student Films

  • 1 month ago
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Can anyone recommend where to apply for student film work please acting or S/A ? Many thanks

  • 1 month ago
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Simon Pascoe

Hi all - anyone actually had any work out of Mandy? I've applied to four or five - not even a rejection note. If you're looking for real work there are better agencies!

  • 6 days ago
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