Student Video Editor

  • Oliver Le Gresley


    I'm currently in-between my second and final year of University left with an increase in spare time due to Covid and am looking for any projects on which I can gain any further experience in editing or provide my services to.

    • 2 days ago
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  • Lorna Riley


    Hi! I'm doing a screenwriting master's. Maybe we could try to build up a network of people with a range of different skills to collaborate on something together?

    • 28th Aug 2020
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  • Lauren Samways

    Production Assistant

    Hi, I recently graduated in media production and would be down to join! I'm most experienced in directing and editing - let me know:)

    • 9th Sep 2020
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  • Ryan Sadki


    Hey Everyone!

    Coming a bit late, but sounds like a very interesting idea. I am London based and recently graduated in cinematography.

    Would be nice to be in touch with all of you!



    • 4th Feb 2021
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  • Sol Dedewo

    Sound Engineer

    I currently looking to collaborate too, I can offer professional audio post-production sound from my home studio :D

    • 2nd Apr 2021
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  • Matheus Carneiro

    Picture Editor

    Another late comer to the thread, but I'm also looking for more connections! I'm a picture and sound editor, looking to specialize in sound design in the future.

    • 3 days ago
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  • Joe O'Brien


    Hi all - another latecomer to the thread!

    I am just taking my first steps towards a career in the industry. I recently graduated from the London Screen Academy and I'm keen to pick up any experience I can, so if anyone needs a runner/production assistant/first AC/tea maker/bag carrier, please do give me a shout! I may be young but I'm motivated, conscientious and hard working. It'd be great to join your group and start making connections.

    • 2 days ago
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