• Andrew Gruffudd


    Everybody has a superpower.

    No, it's true - really it is. You see, nobody's perfect, and everyone has a disability, which is to say something they cannot do. And conversely, there are those specialties we all have which we can do extraordinarily well. One of mine is writing, as you can see.

    Another of mine is problem solving but, before you get to thinking that this is a chat encouraging people to stroke my ego, it isn't. Instead, it's a good ol' juicy rant.

    As big as my problem solving ability is, I fail to comprehend the carelessness with which some casting bods fill out their advertisements. I've just come across one on another site, whereby they want some people within a certain age range to do a certain thing (the vagueness of the wording is mine, so as not to pinpoint the actual advertisement and cause embarrassment to the particular casting bod). This is in the ad copy: later on, in the greater body of the posting, the claim is they're looking for anyone from 18-99 years!

    Which is it? I get that playing age can differ dramatically from actual age, with clever make-up, geriatric coats and/or boyish charm. I get, too, that women can play men and vicey-versey and, indeed, it is part of the actor's boudoir to be able to play something they are not. But please, Mr/Ms Casting Bod, be as clear as you can be as to what you're looking for, and that way we actors can help you to achieve the effects you seek.

    After all, superpowers can be very powerful, and their application can bring the house down in the wrong way as well as the right way...

    • 2nd Sep 2020
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