Has anyone heard or used this website. TalentStatus.com . They email with tempting jobs posted on their website. I registered but haven’t signed up. Just wondered if they were legit

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I hadn't heard of it so I went on their website. Looking at some of the pictures on the profiles it looks a little unprofessional to me. I wouldn't bother paying for it personally. I can't imagine they'll get any work on there that isn't advertised on the more established sites.

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Hi Hannah
Thanks for your response. I think you’re right. Sometimes jobs are advertised on Mandy that I see on starnow. They seem to try and tempt with high paid jobs probably too good to be true! Think I’ll give them a miss.

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Do not subscribe to them! I signed up to them some time ago but never got any auditions invites from them. I then decided to cancel my subscription as I needed to make sure my money was going elsewhere like my Spotlight subscription and Starnow (which even though people will say it seems amateur, has a lot of work going and they're constantly improving)

So back to Talent Status! They are terrible with getting back to you about anything, I have been chasing them since May for refunds on 3 charges which as I've cancelled the subscription should never have been taken out of my account. I only found out that on Monday they had taken another double payment which again is invalid because I do not have subscription with them. I even signed on as I still had the account to check that I had unsubscribed which I had and they double charged me this Monday just gone! I've had to complain to Action Fraud and even googled up on the company where there were reviews from the past week saying the same thing, that they had taken payments without it being authorised and no work.

I had to speak to my bank because I have emailed from May this year at least 10 emails, phoning into them - which by the way never goes through.

I personally don't recommend to using them.

If anyone else has anything to contribute to Action Fraud do let me know.


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*Update* I've received the refund and my bank has also investigated them. So I push anyone else who has used them and gone through the same situation to get in contact with your bank etc.

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Toni Brooks

Contact Equity as well.

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David Toso

Thank you for posting this. I signed up without paying a fee and get emails daily with juicy jobs of £4000 plus advertised. I guess they want me to pay yet another monthly fee and then the jobs will prove elusive. Now and again they get desperate and suggest you can apply directly if the job is for an Esperanto speaking juggler who can tap dance on stilts.

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I have had my issues with them over the past few years. They stopped taking my calls and responding to my emails. My profile is still on their website despite my asking them to take it down. I have noted a few actors I know also have profiles on the Website. I cancelled my subscription but I am still there.

Did have a casting from them for a Walk-on in a Walker’s Crisp Commercial..

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Farah Sardar


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Tessa Skola

Tessa Skola, actress. This is a scam.
After two years they have started taking £60 out of my old account and I cannot log in or find their phone number. Everything I try is blank.
Please do not sign up.

Editorial Comment Hi there, thank you for your post, we can support you on this issue please emails [email protected]

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