• Ruth Langrick


    Hi all,

    After scouring the HMRC website, I've been unable to find a clear answer to my questions. Regarding claiming expenses does anyone know:

    a) If we can actually claim Spotlight/ Mandy subs as an expense? There is a list of 'Approved professional organisations and learned societies' provided by HMRC but Spotlight/ Mandy are not on there.

    b) if we are able to claim for costs incurred when travelling to an audition when we do not get the job and no paid work comes from it.

    Thanks in advance,


    • 3rd Jan 2020
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  • Jimmy O'Rourke


    Dear Ruth,

    Yes to all your questions.

    We can also claim for haircuts, TV licence, photos, training courses and stationary. There are more...

    • 3rd Jan 2020
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  • Ruth Langrick


    Thanks Jimmy

    • 3rd Jan 2020
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  • Catherine Stobbs


    Equity have a helpful list I believe.

    • 3rd Jan 2020
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  • User Deleted

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    You can't claim for haircuts, TV license, gym memberships etc anything that has duality which means they are not completely job reliant. As actors rely on castings sites to get jobs you can claim them and as auditions are vital to get work you can claim travel to and from them as it is oart of your work.

    • 3rd Jan 2020
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  • Polina Sulim


    From the Equity Tax and National Insurance guide 2018 - 19:

    The following list outlines items of expenditure claimed by many of our members. It has

    not been agreed by HMRC, but we have been advised that the following expenses could be

    allowed against tax depending on the circumstances of the claim. However, it all depends

    on the individual circumstances and facts and so this list is by no means definitive.

     Accountancy and other professional fees.

     Administrative costs including stationery, postage, fax, photocopying and other

    office costs.

     Advertising e.g. Spotlight and agency books.

     Agents’ and Managers’ fees and commission on same.

     Awards and bursaries * see note below


     CD’s, DVD’s, downloads, books, scripts, sheet music, etc.

     Clothing * see note below

     Cosmetic surgery * see note below

     Costume and props (including repair, laundry and cleaning).

     Equity subscriptions.

     Gym membership * see note below

     Insurance * see note below.

     Maintenance of instruments and insurance.

     Make-up and hairdressing which is clearly specific to work * see note below

     Motoring expenses * see note below

     Photographic sittings and reproduction.

     Professional publications e.g. The Stage, Broadcast, PCR, Radio Times.

     Research Costs

     Start-up costs * see note below.

     Telephone including landline, mobile phone and internet costs.

     Theatre and cinema tickets relevant to your self-employment.

     Travelling expenses for attending interviews and auditions * see note below.

     Travelling and subsistence on tour if supporting a permanent home * see note


     Tuition and coaching for dancing, singing, speech, etc. *see note on Course Fees


     Use of home as office * see note below.

     Website costs.

    Please go to the Equity website for more.

    • 3rd Jan 2020
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