The Real Deal

  • Andrew Gruffudd


    As well as being debonair, a good conversationalist, devastatingly handsome, impossibly rich and a damned good liar I am, to all intents and purposes, an actor. Which is to say that even on the very slight off-chance that I am not as described, I can make a very convincing show.

    That is, after all, why I'm here.

    What I am not so much here for is to be "me". Of course, many a good casting, like many a good first novel, delves into the actor's personal repertoire, their accent, their mannerisms, and of course their physique, but you play a part to be convincing as that character, not to have your audience say such-and-such was amazing as so-and-so - at least not emotionally - unless you're such-and-such's cat.

    Why oh why oh why erm... ah yes, oh why, then are there adverts on an acting site for real this or real that? Unless that is the basis for character casting, which is legitimate, shouldn't such appeals be better made through journalistic channels, given that journalism seems to be about the only other possible reason why you would need a real whatever, and then only ridicule them?

    Personally, I want to maintain at least a modicum of privacy. True, I'll give my all to a part, even going beyond the veil of public decency if the role demands it, but then I like to keep the audience guessing which is real and which is an act. Just like life, really.

    • 29th Sep 2020
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  • David Vale


    And as we learn from "reality" TV, there is nothing so artificial as people being themselves, apparently.

    • 4th Sep 2020
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  • Christof King


    Mmm...not convinced. Actors should keep their acting within the defined performance - be that on stage or in front of the camera. Acting outside of the performance space (where your 'audience' are unaware that you are 'acting') is by definition lying and should be discouraged!

    • 9th Sep 2020
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  • Roger Irvin Dunn


    it's my pet hate, when a director says "just be yourself"... heard it repeatedly over the years... always want to respond "if I was being myself I wouldn't say this or do that or get myself in this situation" and then just walk out... of course I'm always more diplomatic & professional than that ;)... with regard to castings asking for "real people" and suchlike, I would generally skip by unless it seemed like an EXTREMELY interesting or worthy project... call me old fashioned ;)

    • 24th Sep 2020
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  • Stu Jackson


    A lot depends on your school of acting, and how you were trained. For me, it's essential to be myself in all roles, by highlighting or suppressing particular personality traits. In order to do that it is essential to know myself extremely intimately, and to go with the vulnerability that exposing some of our deeper personality traits brings with it.

    This is a massive over-simplification of decades worth of study and experience of course.

    • 29th Sep 2020
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