Tubular Water Ripple Effect

  • John Keir Tabert

    Company Stage Manager

    Hi All does anyone know where I can buy real cheap ripple effects in fact 2 of them? They dont have to be new!

    • 9th Jan 2012
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  • Jonathan Samuels - Sam

    Lighting Designer

    There's one listed on usedlighting.co.uk. not sure what you call cheap, this one's £300...

    Ripple tanks are one way to go, the other is to use animation ['KK'] wheels and a water ripple gobo. Personally I prefer that effect but it depends on staging and suitable positions.


    • 22nd Jul 2010
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  • User Deleted

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    This www.rosco.com/uk/lightingequipment/x24effects.cfm is one of the best Water Ripples that I have seen. I've used them recently on a water ride at a Theme Park, very workable.

    • 16th Sep 2010
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  • Tom Richmond

    Lighting Designer

    Alternatively get hold of a Mac 700, the addition of the animation wheel is amazing!

    • 26th Nov 2010
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  • Jonathan Samuels - Sam

    Lighting Designer

    MAC700 or MAC550, they have effects wheel too...

    • 27th Nov 2010
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  • Marie Kearney

    Stage Manager

    You can hire a tubular ripple machine from whitelight for £75 a week.

    Alternatively- projector?

    • 27th Nov 2010
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  • Pete Wilmott

    Lighting Designer

    Tubular ripple effect isn't bright enough I recommend either the Mac 700 Performance or the Gam Fx which slots as a gobo and has a ripple metal film that rotates in the holder suitable for source fours and strand sl profiles.

    • 9th Jan 2012
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