Hi all,
I was thinking if anyone would be willing to help build our Twitter audience. I know Insta is better but atm I don’t have one so I was thinking if we can support each other :)

@ABreaban is my Twitter.
(Ancuta Breaban
Happy 2022 all!

  • 2 weeks ago
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Hi Ancuta

Just followed you.

My twitter is @brynmorleyshon

  • 2 weeks ago
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I think I was following you already XD haha!

My twitter is @TonyOwensActor

I've added you too Brynmor :)

  • 2 weeks ago
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Dave Short

I have been on Twitter for many years, but still only managed to acquire 77 followers! Happy to add you all! My Twitter is @daveshort100 should you decide to reciprocate!

  • 2 weeks ago
  • 3
Ricky Zalman

Happy new year all!

Great idea - I’ve just followed all above!

I’m @RickyZalman - look forward to connecting with you all :)

  • 1 week ago
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Ena Begovic


I will follow you back. @enabegovic02

  • 1 week ago
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Oh, excellent idea.

  • 1 week ago
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Nathan Cross

NathanCrossAct :)

  • 5 days ago
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hi - on twitter i'm @playgirlc - let me know you're following me from here and i'll definitely follow back!


  • 3 days ago
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