VO Competition

  • Eva Trifoni

    Voice Over:Albanian

    Hey y'all

    Haven't seen any conversation about the mandy competition yet. I hope you submitted your entry and pls consider voting/feedback as it helps the artist.

    • 25th Aug 2020
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  • Victoria Shotton-Oza

    Voice Over:English

    Hanan Elhadary.


    Don't know why no-one else is voting for her !!

    • 18th Aug 2020
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  • User Deleted

    This profile has been archived

    Hi. Yes I have submitted my entry and I've voted for my favorite in the category I am in.

    Good Luck Everyone :)

    • 18th Aug 2020
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  • Julie Dean

    Voice Over:English

    Hi I have entered the competition. Been doing the odd voice over for a couple of years but would like to get into audio books. So I thought I'd give the audio book category a go. Here is my entry.

    I'd be grateful for any criticism that points me the right way for the future.


    Thank you good luck everyone

    • 18th Aug 2020
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  • James Townsend

    Voice Over:English

    Hi all! Brand new member here, and have submitted my Emerging Talent voice over today! I've gone down the commercial route, as have done some work in that sector. I was tempted to try the Audio Books, but heard this was a tough part of the business! Would love to hear if anyone else has experiences with Audio Books and would recommend getting in to it, or even what the best route for someone without experience doing that would be....

    Many thanks, and good luck to everyone who has entered the comp! James

    • 18th Aug 2020
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  • Hayley Clapham

    Voice Over:English

    submitted my entry as a newbie, happy to hear any feedback!


    Good luck everyone x

    • 19th Aug 2020
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  • Chris Horseman

    Voice Over:English

    I thought that was great Hayley, very best of luck to you and everyone else.

    I have submitted my entry www.mandy.com/uk/voice-artist/chris-horseman would love to voice a video game. :-)

    • 19th Aug 2020
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  • Hayley Clapham

    Voice Over:English

    Thanks Chris and good luck to you too with your entry!

    • 19th Aug 2020
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  • Sarah Fleming

    Voice Over:English

    After a video essay for uni went surprisingly well, I felt encouraged to check out the possibilities of doing more VO work.

    As a complete newb to VO, I am pretty happy with my entry (though I'm sure there is room enough for improvements!). Anyway, check it out if you will and I hope you like it...


    Good luck to all entries.

    Best wishes, Sarah

    • 19th Aug 2020
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  • James Sutherland

    Voice Over:Scottish

    Hi all!

    I wonder if any of you might be able to offer some advice on this (perhaps someone might be in a similar position):

    On 21/7 I took out the free month trial which was on offer by Mandy Voices to enter the VO Competition. Does anyone know what will happen when my month trial expires - presumably in 2 days? Having entered the VO competition I'd expect that I'll have to keep my premium profile active until the winners are announced? But if I leave my profile active for now, I'm not sure what will happen with regard to any prospective automatic payments that might happen after 21/8? I've been a Mandy Actors premium member for years and Mandy naturally have my bank details. I certainly wouldn't want to be automatically billed for a year's annual membership at the moment although I may join Voices properly later once I have my home studio set up and can record remotely.

    I did try phoning them to ask about this but there's no-one in their office because of Covid. If you try e-mailing them, you are restricted to 300 characters (basically 2 or 3 lines), so I've just had to ask them to contact me back by phone. Awaiting a reply.

    Good luck with all your VO entries, and any help much appreciated.



    • 19th Aug 2020
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  • Paul Gallantry

    Voice Over:English

    Good luck, everyone! This is the first time I've entered the competition (in the Commercial section), and I'd love to get any feedback on my proffereing :)

    • 19th Aug 2020
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  • Hg Maguire

    Voice Over:English

    I also dont see an apply button it said free entry to member i am standard member, pls help asap

    • 20th Aug 2020
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  • Lydia Meredith

    Voice Over:English

    Hi there, I just wanted to confirm if you have to be a paying member to enter the competition? As I don't currently have premium membership and I cannot find the enter button to upload my entry.

    Good luck with your entries!

    Kind Regards,


    • 20th Aug 2020
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  • Sean Chriscole


    Hey all. Thought I'd add to the conversation. You can view my entry in the Emerging Artists Voiceover category here: www.mandy.com/competition/voiceover-competition-2020/share/5758764 x

    • 20th Aug 2020
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  • Steve King

    Voice Over:English

    Hi Guys, I'm another newbie with so much to learn. Submitted my entry of course but feel it's a bit like buying a lottery ticket. Looking for constructive feedback and probably more training both in presentation and engineering. Great fun though and you guys are all sooooo talented. I love listening to you. Good luck all.

    • 20th Aug 2020
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  • Clare Fraenkel

    Voice Over:English

    Hi all - just managed to get my entry in under the wire! I've really enjoyed listening to the other entries, lots of fab voices out there. Good luck all.

    • 20th Aug 2020
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  • Barnaby Jago

    Voice Over:English

    Hi everyone! I've had a Many acting profile for a while now, but since I've been doing a few audiobooks I thought I would give this competition a go. I'm hoping to get a gig with one of the Big Finish audios if anyone listens to them, if you haven't they are fantastic! I would definitely give some of the earlier Doctor Who one's a listen. Anyway here's my entry, give it a listen if you like.


    Any feedback would be hugely appreciated.

    Good luck everyone!

    • 20th Aug 2020
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  • Dai Rowland

    Voice Over:Welsh

    Hi Folks, I'd love some feedback on my entry good or bad. .Completely new to voiceover other that doing a few bits and pieces for friends over the last few months. So excited to be a part of this but also realize I am at the start of a steep and competitive learning curve.


    Good Luck everyone

    • 20th Aug 2020
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  • Dai Rowland

    Voice Over:Welsh

    Hi Folks, I'll try this again with my CORRECT link this time :)

    I'd love some feedback on my entry good or bad. .Completely new to voiceover other than doing a few bits and pieces for friends over the last few months. So excited to be a part of this but also realize I am at the start of a steep and competitive learning curve


    Good Luck everyone especially Sarah whose link I accidently used in my earlier post (Oops!)

    • 20th Aug 2020
    • 18
  • Natalie Rawson

    Voice Over:American - Standard

    Good luck to everyone! I'm new to the voice acting game and was so excited to learn about this competition. I had a lot of fun with the video game script. If anyone is curious, my entry is here: www.mandy.com/competition/voiceover-competition-2020/share/5758447

    I've enjoyed listening to the entries I've heard so far. The phrase "Variety is the spice of life." really rings true in hearing just how many ways a script can be interpreted.

    • 20th Aug 2020
    • 19