What should I do to get myself back into the entertainment industry again

  • DawnMarie Vetrano

    Promotion Model

    I am a actress a singer a psychic a reiki master and a overall entertainer.

    I have done promotional modeling and been a brand ambassador for many alcohol companies for southern eine and marketing companies.

    Im now 50 years young snd have decided to get back into the industry to be a actress and singer and lyricist I've published my first book on PTSD. And I'm open to commercials and or sll opportunities that come my way.

    Im a outgoing and professional woman who is ready to do what needs to be done to help myself be marketable for the right agency.

    Just wondering what suggestions or ideas you all might have that will help me to build my portfolio to be ready to ignite my passion and find the right person or direction that I need to go.

    I have lived through many years of experience and knowledge that has taught me theres nothing that can stop my intention when I'm focused on what I want.

    Thank you all for your time sending you all positive loving energy ❤

    • 2nd Sep 2020
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