what to put in a cover letter?

  • Katie Patrick

    Deputy Stage Manager

    HI all

    just wanted to get some thoughts. when apply for a job and their asking for a cover letter, do you simply state the position your apply for and add your CV or do you write a bit about yourself and your experience even though its all there in the CV ?

    I've always thought unless they have stated wanting to know why you feel you are the best fit for the job that you should just keep it to saying you'd like to apply for the job and that here is your cv and that you look forward to hearing from them?

    • 16th Dec 2019
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  • User Deleted

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    Hi Katie,

    I tend to write a proper covering letter but that is because I have worked in a lot of mediums and sectors (on top of my theatre stuff) and people wouldn't always realise my range of skills if I just had my theatre credits or normal CV on its own. I am sure if you were just doing one type of role or area though, you could write less.


    • 12th Dec 2019
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  • Molly Stoker

    Lighting Technician

    Hi Katie,

    You should use the covering letter to highlight the aspects of your experience that are relevant to the job you are applying for. If they are asking for particular skills/experience in those areas. You can't rely on an employer reading your whole CV to find relevant information.

    The covering letter is your opportunity to sell yourself to an employer.

    Having said that you should keep it short, not repeat everything on your CV. It's all about highlighting your skills.

    You should write a new covering letter for each application and make reference to the job description/person specification if there is one.

    • 16th Dec 2019
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