Writer/Director looking for those who want to create

Tristan Nelson

Hi (to anyone reading this).

I'm an aspiring Writer/Director (mainly on the Directing side) and also musician under the pseudonym, 'Three Day Monk'.

To try and make it somewhat brief, I'm looking to get back into film - it's been a while. I haven't shot anything since 2019 as I spent the last few years focussing on music but I'm itching to get back. I've got an array of scripts I'm wanting to shoot with one currently awaiting funding. I completely self-funded my debut, 'Moments (2019) and am wanting to crack on with a few more projects (one hopefully early 2022, dependent on finding crew).

I suppose I'm mostly looking for people to collaborate (I hate asking people to put up their time for free, but it is what it is sadly).

I tend to delve into zero-dialogue shorts that can be accessible to all and tend to touch on love to some extent, the psychological conditions of mankind and make use of an array of metaphors/symbolism - tad artsy I suppose!

Very keen to connect with some Producers, Cinematographers (who love shooting 16mm) & Costume Designers as they always seem hard to obtain! Anyone else though, of course get in touch. I'd love more diverse crew that reflect some of the ideas I have too so don't let anything stop you from reaching out.

If you made it to the end of this, well, thank you so much for your time. Hope to speak soon!

Moments can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1a1lMGGWv5g


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Mac Lacy Baylis

Hey Tristan, looking to connect and collaborate with people. Currently most experienced as an editor but really want to broaden my knowledge of the production process and continue to improve my camerawork. I'll private message you also!

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Josh Wood

Hi Tristan, where are you based? I am in a very similar position to you by the sounds of it. Let's connect, drop me an email at [email protected] - some of my work can be found on www.joshdoesfilm.com

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Tristan Nelson

@JoshWood - I'm based in Bedfordshire! Thought I'd slipped that in there but clearly didn't - apologies!

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Josh Wood

No worries mate, I'm absolutely miles away in Lancashire but that shouldn't stop us. I'm more than happy to travel to a shoot and we could always collaborate via emails and Zoom etc. Drop me an email or message on here with some of your ideas. Have you got any films brewing?

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Jack Judd

Hello Tristan, I'm Jack, and I'm a filmmaker, (mainly editing, but I also write/direct/shoot my own stuff as well!), and I'd be happy to help out any way I can?

You check out my YouTube channel here; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5YBPyQcg_DeH0S7qC3MfEA

If you fancy connecting and collaborating, do let me know!

Many thanks,


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Kaylam Harden
Project Manager

Looking for a collaboration crew on a shorts amongst other projects

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Philippe Stenier

Hey Tristan,

Let me know if you want to chat about any of your projects! Would love to see if we have the same affinities and if a collaboration could work.

I'm a London based cinematographer.

You can find examples of my work on www.philippestenier.com

[email protected]

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